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2024 kitchen design trends

2024 is almost here (we can’t believe it either), and as we begin to welcome the new year, we’re anticipating a wealth of new kitchen trends and styles that 2024 will bring.

2023 kitchen trends saw the birth of Japandi design, innovative and sustainable materials used throughout the kitchen like Fenix and Richlite, and inspiring kitchen islands.

The world of kitchen design continues to evolve and grow, channelling exciting, new designs and redefining existing ones. Following the cost of living crisis, we’re expecting 2024’s design focus to centre around timeless designs rather than trigger trends. Not only will this mean you will be less likely to need to change your space for years to come, but it is also a sustainable option as your materials and furniture will feature in your home for longer rather than heading to landfill.

From incredible marbles to revamped shaker doors, let’s look at what exciting kitchen designs we’re expecting to see in 2024.

1. Resurgence of stainless steel and metallic finishes

Stainless steel kitchen sink and cabinets

Bright and shiny, we are seeing a surge of people opting for stainless steel and chrome finishes in their home kitchens. Stainless steel is robust and versatile, that’s why it is used throughout professional kitchens and is recognised as a material that will last – so why not use it in your home?

As well as being heat, stain, and rust resistant, it is a non-porous material meaning its smooth surface doesn’t harbour bacteria making it ideal for food prep. As a metal, stainless steel can easily be recycled, reducing your environmental impact.

2. A ‘lived in’ aesthetic

Lived in aesthetic kitchen

Gone are the days of the ‘show home’ aesthetic, we’re starting to see people shift towards a more relaxed ‘lived in’ style home. Whilst we all want to live in a home that we are proud of, we’re seeing people adding more personal touches to their kitchens to show that there are signs of life. Whether its trinkets, photos, books or even an abundance of house plants, people are focused on making their house their home.

3. Sociable kitchens

A communal kitchen

A dining table is a social place where family and friends can come together to share food and catch up on each other’s day. Often when dining tables are in a separate room from the kitchen there is an element of separation, particularly when hosting or during family meal times. We’re seeing more and more people creating their kitchens with sociability in mind.  This doesn’t just mean including a dining table or kitchen island seating in the space, we’re seeing people strategically place their ovens, hobs, and even sinks so that they are facing family and friends rather than the wall.

4. Innovative island shapes

Innovative shaped islands

Last year, slatted kitchen islands were a top trend where people focused on adding additional textures and materials to their kitchens. This year, we’re seeing a rise in people thinking outside of the box and getting creative with the shape of their kitchen island. Instead of opting for the traditional square or rectangle, we’re seeing islands that mimic the shape of the kitchen, L-shaped islands, curved islands, and more.

5. Marvellous marbles

Marble kitchen worktop and splashback

Marble has frequently been used throughout kitchens from the worktops to splashbacks. With the rising trend of quiet luxury interiors, people are choosing marble to add a touch of elegance to their space without overpowering the space. This natural stone exudes opulence and creates a statement in your kitchen. For a while, subtly veined marble was a popular choice, but now we’re seeing a rise in people switching to intricate marble with a heavy vein.

6. Contemporary timber features

plywood doors and drawers

We’ve always thought wooden kitchens have been a timeless design rather than a trend, traditional types of wood like oak, ash, and walnut have been featured in kitchens for years, but we’re seeing a rise in people opting for more contemporary wood like plywood. Plywood kitchens have been a popular choice for some time and we’re seeing no sign of this trend slowing down. Birch plywood works particularly well as kitchen material thanks to its sturdiness and its natural aesthetic. Thanks to the many layers bonded together to make the plywood sheets, it’s less likely to warp meaning your kitchen cabinets will last for longer.

We’re seeing people embrace the beauty of birch plywood, stripping it back and exposing its natural grain and exposed edges in all its glory. This contemporary kitchen style helps to create a minimalist space which adds a sense of nature to the room.

7. Revamped Shaker styles

Thin-frame shaker style door

Shaker kitchens are considered to be the oldest kitchen design style, dating back to the 1700s. As much as we love Shakers kitchens, we’re seeing more and more people reinventing this classic door and giving it a contemporary makeover, us included! In our Honest Kitchens range, we’ve given the Shaker kitchen a modern makeover, our Redland door features the signature Shaker door frame but in a thin, minimalist style.

8. Bold and beautiful

bold colourful kitchen

We love a colourful kitchen, particularly one that’s bold and daring. A bright and playful kitchen is one that is often shied away from when redesigning a kitchen for fear that the colours will become overpowering or out of trend. Thankfully, we’re seeing more people taking the plunge and choosing kitchens with fun contrasting colours. The best way to ensure your contrasting colours will match is to pair two colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel.


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