Stainless Steel Worktops: Pros & Cons



We are in the middle of the big industrial revival in kitchen design and aesthetic. Materials are one of the most important consideration when trying to achieve this on trend look. You want it to look fun and quirky without having to commit to this aesthetic in every aspect of your kitchen. A great way to do this is to have a stainless steel worktop. If you don’t want all of your base cabinets to have a stainless steel worktop you could opt for just an island topped with it. We love it as a worktop material but not everyone is convinced so we’ve created a pro and con list:


Close up of plywood drawer cabinet with brushed stainless steel worktop

  • Hygienic

There’s a reason most professional kitchens have stainless steel worktops and that’s because of it’s extremely hygienic. This client of ours, whose kitchen is pictured above, wanted stainless steel worktops because she runs a cooking school out of her home and trusted it to be robust enough.

  • Easy to clean

You only need to use soapy water or a mild cleaning solution and a cloth to clean a stainless steel surface. Make sure that there is no bleach in the mix as this will leave lasting damage.

  • Heat resistant

That’s right, you can leave your hot pots and pans directly on the surface with no damage. Score!


Colourful flat panelled plywood kitchen with inbuilt sink, stainless steel worktop, and exposed oak shelving

  • Scratches easily

Depending on the person this could be a pro or con. Some people think scratches add character when it comes to stainless steel. But if you’re a perfectionist stainless steel is probably not the right choice for you.

  • Dents

This is a big consideration especially if you have children. If you’re OK with a few bumps and bruises on your worktop then this won’t cause a problem at all.

  • Industrial

For some people this is why they choose the material because of its industrial qualities. For others it might be too clinical and cold for a space that’s centered around comfort and togetherness.
Whether you’re a perfectionist wanting a pristine kitchen or a seasoned chef turning your home into your second kitchen or somewhere in between stainless steel presents many pros and cons. The aesthetic might not be to everyone’s taste but there’s no denying the benefits of this robust material.