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7 Kitchen Larder Ideas to Maximise Storage

The origin of the kitchen larder came from a time before refrigeration. An essential place to store all your food items, including a cold slab for meats.

They have now evolved into a multifunctional and desirable feature in any new kitchen with an endless array of possibilities. 

One of the huge benefits of a spacious larder is the storage capacity and the opportunity to free up space in the rest of the kitchen, ideal for minimalist kitchens or open-plan spaces when kitchens need to be kept clutter-free. Keeping food as well as kitchen mixers, toasters and microwaves is a great use of space. 

Kitchen larders are completely versatile. They go beyond the limits of just being used for food storage, they can be used as a breakfast zone storing toasters, coffee machines and spreads or even bespoke drinks cabinet showcasing the finest wines and spirits with glasses holders and wine coolers. The beauty of bespoke kitchen larders is that they can be completely unique to you and your family, they are a chance to get imaginative and transformed into a celebration of clever design. 

Whether your style is a farmhouse or super modern, adding a larder is an excellent way to create a more homely atmosphere and a chance to enhance the features of the kitchen. Kitchen larders don’t have to be a traditional classic look, they can be contemporary and modern with exposed plywood details and bright colours. 

Below we have put together some of our favourite larders for some inspiration. A beautiful mixture of bespoke cabinetry and ingenious storage options.

But first! Take a look at this beautifully bespoke breakfast station larder with slide-and-hide doors, and internals painted in Farrow and Balls’ wonderful shade of Arsenic…

Larder Design Ideas:

1. Statement Kitchen Larder

Rather than hiding the larder amongst the rest of the kitchen, make a showstopping centrepiece by utilising colour and materials. A statement kitchen larder can be the focal point of the kitchen.

This reclaimed wood larder was the centre point of the kitchen, paired with steel and marble for a mixed palette of materials.

Steel, Marble, Reclaimed Wood Kitchen with stainless steel worktop, Calacatta Venato marble island worktop, Lacanche Hood & Range and reclaimed boxcar oak larder


2. Breakfast Station Larder

Whether it’s the inside or outside that’s the statement, effective use of colour and materials can transform a space.

This breakfast larder has a subtle outer painted the same shade as the walls. However, sliding the doors open reveals a bright and happy interior, used as a breakfast station. Our client loves the interior so much that it’s left open most of the time!

The breakfast larder includes space for a coffee machine with space for tea and china crockery.


The Bristol Richlite Kitchen - Arsenic larder interiors


3. Open Kitchen Larder

Closed doors aren’t a must. Take this kitchen for example, instead of doors behind the shelves is a statement wallpaper that showcases our client’s glassware and bits and bobs!

It could be a space for both kitchen goods with wine glasses, fancy jams and tins or include this as part of the interior decor with vases, books and flowers. This wallpapered larder is unique and shows our clients a sense of fun and fabulousness!

Granada Green Kitchen - Bespoke open larder


4. Hidden Larder

The opposite of our first point, blending a larder in with the rest of your kitchen. This kitchen had lots of space under the stairs that could be used for storage and rather than highlighting the stairs in the kitchen, we made it as seamless and integrated as possible using the space for a double larder, but adjusting the heights to make the best use of the space.

The Pink Kitchen - Sustainable Kitchens - Contemporary bespoke kitchens Bristol


5. Pull Out Larder

How much space do you need for a larder? The simple answer is not much if you go bespoke and create the larder to suit the size of your space.

Usually within a space that is a little narrow a single or double larder may not fit. Designing a pull-out larder can be a great use to maximise storage space. The internals can be shelves with bespoke widths to create space for everything from cereal boxes to little tins.

Here in this kitchen, next to the oven is a pull-out larder used for storage to keep the rest of the kitchen clutter-free and allow the rest of the space to be base cabinets only without having to worry about storage.

Handleless Plum Kitchen in paint and paper library plum brandy


6. Double Larder with drawers

Now this one is the ultimate larder goal. The inner colour, the statement worktop, the spice racks, the larder drawers – It has everything and shows how you can create a bespoke larder for you.

Although our cabinets are made from beautiful birch plywood, painted internals or oak are also an option, and just look at how much fun you can have with it!

Double larder with drawers


7. Walk in larder

Having a spacious walk-in pantry is the ultimate dream for keen cooks and those who strive for a clutter-free and organised kitchen. Having a functional and well-executed layout is essential to make the most of the space. The larder can be much more than just extra storage, it can be an extension of the kitchen worktop and can also be a purpose-built prep station.

This walk-in larder almost classes as an overflow kitchen, it’s that big! That’s the beauty, the idea behind this larder was to create a space where our client could do food prep and baking mixing. The rest of the kitchen sits in an open plan space which ideally needs to be kept mess-free. Creating the walk-in larder with all of the cooking equipment complete with Kilner jars of ingredients allows just that, a room for mess whilst the rest of the space is tranquil and calm.

MANOR FARM KITCHEN - With walk in pantry in farrow and ball railings colour


Have a project idea in mind? Get in touch today and we can work on designing your dream kitchen complete with your bespoke larder – we look forward to hearing from you.


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