The Hackney Kitchen - European rough sawn oak


If you’re looking for a spacious and sociable space, the L-shaped layout might be the perfect solution. Storage is a key concern of all kitchen designers and owners, and the L-shaped layout can be designed to meet all your storage needs. 

Designing a kitchen that you will love and cherish for years to come is an exciting process. Creating a space that is visually appealing, offers plenty of storage and maximises functionality are all key considerations in the design process.

It is important to take all factors into consideration to ensure that your kitchen will be cherished, especially when built to last a lifetime. L-shaped kitchens remain a tried and tested layout when implementing all of these characteristics, having been used for a great number of years and continue to soar in popularity for both small and large kitchen areas.

L-shaped kitchens allow for more floor space than their U-shaped counterpart, providing more room for other features within a kitchen such as an island, breakfast bar, dining table or cooking table. In the case of the L-shaped format, they also retain a large worktop surface area to provide the space for all your kitchen antics, appliances and food preparation.

Keep reading to discover our top tips for planning a l-shaped kitchen of your dreams…

1. Open shelving in an L-shaped kitchen

Open shelving in L-shaped kitchens presents the opportunity to make room for plants, seasonal gifts and treasured display pieces. A place to make your kitchen your own and let your personality and style shine through. Whether you have full-height cabinets or wall cabinets, creating a space for shelving is a surefire way to add pops of colour and interest to your kitchen.

Our Hackney House project below shows the perfect example, the open shelving adds pops of greenery and colour to the raw and earthy materials palette.

The Hackney Kitchen - Plastered finish walls

2. Create more storage with an L-shape kitchen

Taking a savvy approach to your storage space can allow you to maximise your kitchen’s functionality, whilst maintaining its charm and style. If your L-shaped kitchen has one arm acting as a peninsula, including storage around both sides and the end could be a worthy investment.

This is often considered best practice if adding a kitchen island isn’t an option for you, but don’t presume this has to have a flat end either. In the realm of bespoke cabinetry, a curved cupboard may be a more practical and stylish fit for your L-shaped kitchen.

In an open-plan kitchen, ensuring that there is enough storage to hide everything away is key. The beauty of the L-shape kitchen (providing there is enough space to do so) is that the runs of cabinets can keep going to ensure enough storage for all of your pots, pans and food, a space for everything!

Our Farmhouse Kitchen below features an additional storage space for wine bottles on the end of the L-shape run of cabinets, perfect for walking through the front door after a busy day and grabbing the bottle that suits…or maybe that’s just us!

Farmhouse Kitchen - Country shaker kitchen in wales

3. L-shape open plan kitchen

The layout of an L-shape kitchen usually takes up one or two walls, creating the ideal social space for friends and family by utilising the walls for storage and opening up the space between. Positioning of lighting is key as it can help create the illusion of a larger area creating that ideal open-plan kitchen. 

The L-shaped kitchen creates a guest-friendly environment, allowing the host and guests to socialise without obstruction. That way, whether you choose to add an island, dining table or bar area or keep the space free, the L-shape kitchen is an ideal way to make the space work for you.

The Hackney Kitchen - Banquette kitchen seat in european oak

4. L-shape kitchen with an island

Should space permit, incorporating a kitchen island into your space is a worthwhile consideration. Done in the right way, an island can become the heart of your L-shaped kitchen, increasing both storage and adding extra worktop space.

Providing functionality, an island can be a great addition to both large and odd-shaped spaces by offering flow and direction. A kitchen island also allows you to combine the role of chef and host, without you’re restrained to facing the wall.

Rough Sawn Kitchen Bristol - L shape kitchen with island

5. The magic of natural lighting

The power of natural lighting in your kitchen cannot be understated. An L-shaped layout is perfect for adding a window or more, by running one side of the L with natural lighting you help stabilise the other side which includes the cabinets, hood and cooker. And if the view is right, it could well be a place to dream away whilst cooking or washing pots to admire the beautiful views and scenery.

The Pink Kitchen - Sustainable Kitchens - L Shape contemporary kitchen

6. Consider a table

Tables can be positioned within L-shaped kitchen layouts to convey the impression of a peninsula. A peninsula-style kitchen for those unfamiliar with the layout features cabinets that cover three walls and an extra run that is installed at a perpendicular angle. Placing your dining table and chairs, or even a sofa that colour matches your cabinetry can help to create a smooth and harmonious space.

If you would like advice on kitchen layouts or don’t know where to start, get in touch with our kitchen designers today and we can guide you through what works for you and your home.

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