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Sleek, minimalist, modern kitchens with a perfect blend of design and functionality. A popular kitchen style and all for good reason, they are current, won’t go out of style and give you a blank canvas to style to your taste. 

Handmade kitchens are usually associated with traditional Shaker kitchens. However, we make our contemporary kitchens using the same quality, hardwood materials with a clean, flat-panel cabinet front which captures that modern look and feel.

What does a modern kitchen look like?

Modern kitchens are characterised by clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, stylish looks, and functional design, and can be created to integrate seamlessly into any home. The beauty of contemporary kitchens is that they can be dressed up or down, depending on your taste and final aesthetic desires making great use of the space available. 

The modern aesthetic has shifted from what it once was a few years ago. Stark all-white kitchens are slowly being phased out and are being replaced with pops of softer colours and materials to create a homely feel whilst still maintaining a contemporary look.

The beauty of contemporary design is that the style can vary depending on your preference. You can take inspiration from across the world to achieve a myriad of looks, from Scandinavian to Japanese.

What materials are used in modern kitchens?

You can have fun when choosing materials for your modern kitchen, there are so many fantastic choices to help you achieve your desired look. Sustainability is at our core so we ensure the materials that we use have a low carbon footprint and are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Materials like birch plywood, oak, stainless steel, concrete, Fenix, and quartz are frequently used throughout our contemporary kitchen designs.

Modern Kitchen Projects


Inspired by Japanese design, this charcoal kitchen is filled with clean straight lines and mixed materials. Its decluttered aesthetic allows the room to be full of natural light, allowing the natural granite worktops to take centre stage.


Birch plywood has been popping up in kitchens for years. Often used to make cabinet carcasses, plywood is recognised for its durability and strength making it the ideal material for your kitchen. We love plywood, so we were thrilled when it started to become a popular cabinet door choice. Its natural appearance creates a calming atmosphere whilst its flat streamlines shape gives it a contemporary edge.


Cleverly designed over two levels, this loft kitchen was created with the purpose of entertaining and socialising. The tactically placed range sits in the heart of the room overlooking the dining table,  meaning you can still engage with your family or guests when preparing dinner. The kitchen also benefits from lots of natural light which floods the space creating a light and airy space. The statement Elica Bio Island extractor fan provides the perfect space for house plants.


Our Scandinavian Kitchen is the perfect balance of minimalism and homely. The oak cabinets running throughout the space add plenty of Nordic charm and pair seamlessly with the cool white worktops. This kitchen is elevated with modern integrated appliances to create a functional space.


Kitchen handles are great, but if you want to capture the sleek aesthetic of a modern kitchen then handless cabinets are always the answer. For our Plum Kitchen, we created a low run of cabinets to create plenty of clean lines and keep the space light and simple. The burst of plum adds a modern yet sophisticated edge.


Japandi design is popping up everywhere, especially in kitchens. This style merges Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian comfort to create a breathtakingly stunning yet functional space. In Japanese design, Shakkei (which translates to ‘borrowed scenery’) focuses on using natural materials inside the home to mimic nature. We followed this practice when creating our Japandi Kitchen, the expertly crafted oak cabinets fill up the space adding warmth to this minimalist room.


We’ve already discussed the beauty of birch ply in its natural state, but if you fancy adding a pop of colour or two you can. Our Blue Plywood Kitchen project combines rustic exposed ply edges with Curry Yellow and Nautical Nights for a playful and unique finish. The bespoke integrated handles etched into the plywood frame create a seamless surface.


Modern kitchens are all about functionality and enhancing your space. Our Pegboard Plywood Kitchen is the perfect example of a kitchen that optimises the room, with the most interesting feature being the moveable kitchen island. This unique island offers additional storage and worktop space when required, but can also be moved out of the way to open up the floor space whenever you’re entertaining or planning a kitchen disco!


Shaker doors often fall into the traditional kitchen category, but we think this classic door is incredibly versatile and wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary kitchen. When designing our Obsidian Green Kitchen, our client opted for a deep shade of green for the shaker doors to contrast with the large kitchen island. Opposite sit a low run of cabinets with floating shelves to keep things light and spacious.


Sometimes you’ve got to let the cabinets do the talking and keep the rest of the kitchen to a minimum. This is exactly what our client requested when designing our Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen. In the heart of the bright and airy kitchen sits the exquisite Douglas fir plywood cabinets and large kitchen island. This unique timber is full of character and brings this stunning kitchen to life.


Having a statement island in your kitchen creates a focal point where people are drawn to. Whether you play with different materials or get creative with the shape of the island, there are plenty of ways to make your island unique and modern. Our Contemporary White and Aged Brass Kitchen features one of our favourite islands. The waterfall Corian worktop complements the statement aged brass to create an eye-catching unit.


With modern design comes modern materials. Richlite is an exciting and sustainable material made from 100% recycled paper which is layered, coated in a resin and before heat and pressure are applied. What’s produced is a unique and tactile material that has a leathery finish. The most impressive thing with Richlite is that it is incredibly durable making it the ideal outer material for kitchen cabinets.


A clean neutral colour palette can create a calming atmosphere as well as give the space a cohesive look. Whilst all-white kitchens might be on the decline, opting for softer shades of white throughout the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. A softer colour palette makes your space more inviting and gives you the chance to have fun by adding different colours and materials to contrast the white.


Although modern kitchens are all about smooth sleek surfaces, we like to mix things up and include textures for character. You can do this with furnishings, or if you want to create a truly spectacular kitchen, rough sawn wooden doors add depth to your design. For our Hackney House project, our client envisaged a minimalist space filled with earthy and raw materials. The exposed plaster walls and grey worktops are elevated with the warming tones of the rough sawn European oak cabinets.


We love to mix and match materials to create a space that is wonderfully unique. For our Bristol Kitchen Extension project, we worked with bricks, wood, and light beams to create a room like no other. The low run cabinets and floating shelves free up the wall space allowing the rays of light from the skylights to shine down. The bespoke Ceaserstone worktop island is almost sculptural as it mimics the shape of the extension, having a streamlined effect on the space.

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