Contemporary London Townhouse Kitchen with flatpanel ceiling height cabinetry

Full bespoke service with home design consultations, any-size cabinets, production engineering,  mechanical and electrical design and full installation.


Your highly skilled personal designer will work with you to create your own unique space tailored to your property and style.

Through home visits, video calls, 3D modelling and design iterations, the design journey is thorough, efficient, fun and effective.

With experienced spacial planning and materials and appliance knowledge we will help you to get the best out of the space you have, leaving you with a unique kitchen that will last forever.


Because no two kitchens are the same, each project requires our expert team of production engineers to support your designer all the way through the process.

As part of the bespoke service we take detailed site measurements and offer collaboration and support to your architect, building contractor and tradespeople.

We provide full mechanical and electrical design for your kitchen so the rest of your team have a plan to work from.


Due to the bespoke features and intricate details we like to install our Bespoke Kitchens ourself to ensure perfection.

We have highly skilled maker-installers that rotate from the workshop onto site under the supervision of our Installation Manager.

We will manage the template and installation of worktops and make as many site visits as required to keep the schedule on track.

Our fine furniture painter will skilfully add the final coat of paint to finish the job.



Manor Farm Kitchen

“From the first phone call to the final site visit after installation, the team at Sustainable have been a pleasure to deal with. The design process was smooth, with Matts listening, advising and adding ideas that have made the kitchen a joy both to look at and to work in. The installation process was painless and we were very impressed with the care and attention to detail that Gianluca and his team showed. We’re thrilled with the end result – a huge thank you to everyone at Sustainable Kitchens for giving us a really fantastic kitchen”



contemporary london townhouse

“Everyone we dealt with at Sustainable Kitchens was professional, skilled and extremely helpful. We’re so pleased with the beautiful kitchen they have made and installed. The quality is superb and has exceeded our expectations. A please to deal with from start to finish. The fact we were in London and they were in Bristol was not a problem in the slightest. Everyone is so well organised and made the installation in London super easy and efficient. Thanks so much”

BEspoke Kitchen Appliances

Maximum style for your kitchen. 

A highly elegant, minimalist compact system with a distinctive air nozzle inlet for surface induction. 

Comprehensive suite of luxury appliances. 

Beautiful design and exceptional performance with a full range from cooling to laundry. 


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