Fenix Kitchen with oak worktop and cabinetry


Our first bespoke fenix kitchen has been an exciting project to work on. But what exactly is Fenix and how did we use it?


What is FENIX?

FENIX is an innovative material used in interior design applications. 

A surface that is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. FENIX materials are highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household agents – All ideal qualities for kitchen usage. 


Whether it is using FENIX on kitchen doors or worktops, the material is suitable for contact with food and makes for a sleek and unique kitchen design. It comes in a variety of colours for a design-led kitchen. 

The style is suited to a contemporary modern space where the kitchen is a centrepiece and materials matter. The colours of FENIX are beautifully muted and unique, option for fenix over a painted kitchen is a different look completely with a smooth and streamline finish. 

As Fenix is a laminated material, it needs to be bonded onto a core material to create a strong robust door for kitchen applications. 

In this instance, we laminated Fenix onto a medite core to ensure the door will not warp and twist, edge-banded with oak to match the oak detailing seen around the space. 



Take a look at our first FENIX kitchen below, using the wonderful shade Castor Ottawa. Paired with Oak and Richlite for a design driven space.

Fenix, Oak and Richlite Kitchen

The contrasting colours work so wonderfully together with the muted taupey-grey and the oak with plentiful character. 

The fenix doors are all handleless with a chamfered edge and oak panelling. The oak worktop runs into the splash back and upper cabinetry, a completely unique and bespoke kitchen. 

We introduced slide and hide mechanisms to hide all appliances away behind closed doors to continue the seamless feel throughout the kitchen. The doors can be tucked away when using the oven, and covered up to hide any appliances on show – Clever really! 

Fenix Kitchen Bristol with shade Castor Ottawa with slide and hide mechanism to hide oven tower

Fenix Kitchen Bristol - Castor Ottawa

The island as a standalone, freestanding piece uses Richlite (a paper composite) top with a FENIX drawer and oak legs to add continuation from the kitchen. 

Fenix Kitchen - Freestanding island

See more of this kitchen on the video link below;

We have loved working Fenix into our kitchen designs. Our concept kitchens are all about research and development to find the ideal finish and material for your space. Get in touch with our team to see how we can introduce design-led materials into your kitchen and home design. 

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