Bespoke Kitchen Bench Seating

The Cardiff Green Shaker Kitchen wth dining room bench seating


Bespoke Bench Seating 

We have seen a huge uplift in bespoke bench seating throughout the home, and it’s no surprise why. 

With the kitchen becoming such a multi-functional space, banquette seating can provide that calming reading nook or creating more seating to accommodate having all the family and friends over for a much-needed catch-up, or simply just for additional storage or to make the best use of space with less free-standing chairs. 

Bench seating is the perfect addition to the home. 

We have crafted banquettes in all styles for the classic traditional homes to contemporary minimalist spaces. From tongue and groove, Shaker, exposed plywood and oak bench seating – We’ve done it all; kitchen banquette seating with storage or no storage, backs or no backs!

Our bespoke benches are made to order. Take a look below to see how we can incorporate them into the kitchen and other areas of your home. 


Kitchen Bench Seating Table as a Dining Table Alternative

We designed this project in a tongue and groove style as a continuation from the classic Shaker kitchen to keep the traditional feel throughout the home, designed to maximise the best use of space in this open plan kitchen dining.  

The kitchen bench seating acts as an alternative to a traditional dining table and chairs combo for a versatile space. This kitchen banquette seating with storage was designed for a family of 5 as a space to work on homework and get together as a family for games and socialising whilst dinner is cooking, with plenty of storage in the pull out drawers, lift up lids, and overhead open shelves to hide away the mess once dinner is served. The back of this bench seating was designed wider to accommodate the shelves above with no risk of banging heads! 

The perfect social space for this growing family. 

The Cardiff Green Shaker Kitchen wth dining room bench seating


Kitchen Reading Nook 

The architects on this project designed the space to have an almost ‘garden room’ at the end of the kitchen to make the best use of the garden view with plenty of glass windows creating a little sunny corner. 

We designed minimalist cabinetry as a continuation of the kitchen.  Shelving has been built into the tall ceiling heights to add a pop of colour in ornaments against the white cabinetry. 

This is actually kitchen bench seating with storage: the kitchen bench seats lift up to store away blankets, children’s colouring and activities and all the cookbooks to keep the space minimalist and clean. 

The best thing about this space is that our clients have all found their ‘space’ whilst still being together. Whether sat at the island eating lunch, around the dining table doing homework or on the bench seating reading a book; they can all be together without being on top of each other.

A perfect nook to sit and relax with a cup of tea and a book, on a rainy or sunny day!

Contemporary London Townhouse with architect extension and built in seating


Bedroom Window Seating

A beautiful, handmade window seat in this little boys bedroom to create a space to enjoy the beautiful view of the long garden and to sit on and play with all the wonderful toys. This bedroom window seating also has storage nooks and drawers to clean it all away for a tidy room once bedtime comes around. 

The beauty of this space is that it can be hand-painted any colour whilst the family grows and rooms may change. 

Alcove Storage bespoke window seat and storage for childs bedroom


Hallway Seating and Storage

Hallway storage benches are a place to take shoes off, sit and wait whilst everyone gets ready keeping spaces clear from tripping over endless umbrellas, coats and shoes. 

Viewable from the kitchen, we designed this hallway storage bench to tie the house together keeping the same sleek cabinetry throughout in the same colour for a harmonious contemporary aesthetic. 

This particular bespoke seating in the hallway had lift-up lids with a compartment for shoes and bags, designed with no back. 

Contemporary grey industrial kitchen with boot room storage, bespoke wine cabinet and log store and Oak worktops


Boot Room Seating

A continuation through the whole home to include reclaimed wood kitchen, lounge cabinetry and a boot room. 

The bespoke boot room bench seating uses the same reclaimed wood creating a space to keep everything out of sight and sit to put wellies on! 

Reclaimed Wood, bespoke boot room by sustainable kitchens


Bench Seating Storage Ideas

Not only are bench seatings practical for adding additional seating to the kitchen, but kitchen banquette seating with storage is perfect for hiding away items that you don’t want on show, especially a space to hide away laptops and paperwork whilst working from home to pack away for the weekend and rest up! 

1. Storage Bench With Drawers

To make the most of the space available, add a storage bench with drawers to have more seating and a great place to store items you don’t want out on display. 

Bespoke Window Bench seating with drawers


2. Lift-up lid storage

Lid storage is a clever way to create a huge amount of storage space, ideal for items you don’t use too often and can forget about until needed. We have seen blankets hidden here for winter, or bulky kids toys. 

Contemporary London Townhouse with architect extension with bench seat storage


3. Storage Bench With Doors

Ideal for cookbooks, this clever little bench storage bench with doors added more space for the family to sit within this smallish kitchen to perch whilst tea is cooking. We designed doors for cookbooks suited to this space to keep everything out of sight, neat and tidy. 

Our bespoke nature means that all furniture is different and designed and developed to suit our clients and their needs. 

Bespoke bench seating with doors

Get in touch to find out exactly how we can help create a beautiful and practical banquette seating within your home.