5 plywood kitchens to capture your imagination

Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen with white walls and polished concrete floor Sustainable Kitchens


Plywood kitchens are a Pinterest dream, the clean aesthetic and beautiful grain shining through. Quirky and contemporary, it’s a surefire way to make it unique to your home.

Not only is plywood aesthetically stunning, but it is also one of the strongest materials to be used in kitchens. More often than not, the carcass for bespoke kitchen companies are usually made from plywood due to their durability.

1. One of the kitchens that gets the most interest, particularly from the press, is our Pegboard Plywood Kitchen. It’s utterly unique in both form and function: a moveable island unit makes the kitchen versatile enough for busy family life, while the exposed plywood acts as a beautiful, natural canvas for the playful, colourful details.

Pegboard Plywood Kitchen with concrete worktop


2. Similar to our Pegboard Plywood, we created the Chapman Kitchen to create a mix of exposed edge plywood with added colour to create a beautiful balance. We designed the space using a calming light green and stunning pink which both perfectly complement the exposed plywood edges. It’s also childproof that the doors can be wiped clean easily!


3. Plywood is a beautiful material to work with and the results are even better. Douglas Fir, a relatively expensive material compared to birch ply, but worth every penny when it looks like the below…

Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen with tall cabnetry and central island


4. Our Contemporary Eco Kitchen  is another one of our beloved plywood designs. In an overlay-style, this plywood design was finished in a white lye stain to give the kitchen a lighter finish.

Contemporary Eco Kitchen with plywood cabinets and stainless steel worktops


5. An older design, we kept the frames exposed while painting each door in a different, complementary colour. The client loved art and knew the exact colours she wanted to pair together to make an eclectic mix.  It shows just how versatile a plywood kitchen can be.


Its strength and durability make plywood the perfect choice when designing a kitchen that lasts a lifetime. To talk to our designers about what a plywood design might look like in your kitchen, drop us a line on hello@sustainablekitchens.co.uk or 0117 961 6471.