Granada Green Kitchen - Pink and green colourful kitchen


7 Coloured kitchen ideas to brighten your home

We are always inspired when clients decide to step outside the box and opt for a coloured kitchen design.

Whilst a coloured kitchen has the power to change moods, it can also change the look and feel of a room completely. As the kitchen is a central hub where the majority of families spend most of their time socialising and coming together, it’s key that the colour you choose suits you and your family, creating a room you’ll never want to leave.

Whether you go for bold or keep it simple, here are some of our favourite coloured kitchen ideas to help you decide.

Coloured Kitchen Ideas

1. Orange Kitchens

Energetic and uplifting, an orange kitchen is guaranteed to bring warmth to your home. This joyful shade comes in a variety of tones to best fit your style and pairs beautifully with neutral colours, bringing a burst of colour into your kitchen without being too overwhelming. The Orange Kitchen from our Honest range perfectly balances the bright orange larder with the neutral white cupboards for a harmonious design.

Honest Kitchens Orange Kitchen

 2. Grey Kitchens

A grey kitchen is a popular design choice, giving you a simple base to decorate the rest of the kitchen with pops of colour. A practical option that will stand the test of time and not go out of style. Grey is a versatile colour, offering you lots of matching colour palettes to play with. Why not pair grey with a blue, green or pink high-level cabinetry or feature island to mix it up? Grey also allows you to go a bit more wild with your feature colours.

Add splashes of colour with bright appliances and features, or create contrast by adding kitchen plants, as seen in our Grey Shaker Kitchen project.

Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen London - Grey kitchen with white worktop

 3. Pink Kitchens

When people hear of our famous Pink Kitchen usually they don’t know what to expect. Pink is a very ‘love it or hate it’ colour, especially in the home. But if you love pink, you might as well go all the way. The lovely warm tones matched with the pastel colours and white give the illusion of a larger kitchen.

The subtle, warming tone brings heaps of personality to a kitchen and looks impeccable next to a white quartz or wooden worktop. We’ve seen it work wonders in industrial-look kitchens and traditional kitchens alike – It’s a shade you can put your spin and style on. 

The Pink Kitchen - Sustainable Kitchens - Contemporary bespoke kitchens Bristol

4. Blue Kitchens

Blue kitchens hold a real sense of timeless sophistication, whilst being able to withstand everyday family life, little hands, and messy cooking. Adding blue to your kitchen builds a calm setting for your kitchen and simply looks great. 

We like to pair blue with a calming white or grey cabinetry – Or make the cabinetry the focal point and choose a strong, darker blue and pair it with a traditional brass handle to add elegance. You should opt for a blue kitchen if you’re looking to create a relaxing, easy-to-clean environment for your kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen - Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue Shaker Kitchen

5. Green Kitchens

With a calming, natural feel to your home, green kitchens mimic the beauty of the outdoors and bring a sense of nature inside.

By using green in your kitchen, you’re promoting a serene atmosphere. As a statement kitchen colour, green can appear as modern, traditional or retro as you like. We loved the use of green in our Country Kitchen project, adding small copper motifs created contrast and made the green pop.

Country Kitchen - Farrow and ball green smoke with island and double larder

6. Plum Kitchens

A statement colour, oozing personality. To choose a plum kitchen you’ve got to be adventurous and stylish, but also love the classics. Plum is sensual and warm, making your space feel cosy. A place that you could relax and have a party in. If a pink kitchen may be too much for you, plum is a beautiful alternative.

Handleless Plum Kitchen with island

7. Contrasting coloured kitchen

We love to mix and match contrasting colours, finding shades that perfectly complement each other can bring a new level of creativity and uniqueness to a space. You can cleverly use colour to emphasise elements or create focal points in your kitchen. In our Granada Green project, we used colour-blocking to create levels within the space, pairing a fresh Dulex Granada Green with a soft blush pink on the walls.

Granada Green Kitchen - Pink and green kitchen with Corian worktop and pink walls

Ready to bring your dream colourful kitchen to life? Email or contact us to book your free design consultation.


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