Kitchen Colour Inspiration

The Pink Kitchen - Sustainable Kitchens - Ca Pietra tiles with Farrow and Ball


Stuck on choosing  your colourful kitchen?

Whilst colour has the power to change moods, it can also change the look and feel of a room completely. As the kitchen is a central hub where the majority of families spend most of their time socialising and coming together, it’s key that the colour you choose suits you and your family whilst creating a room you just won’t want to leave. Whether you go for a bold, moody dark pallet or keep it simple and neutral – Here is some colourful kitchen inspiration to help you decide.

Grey Kitchens

A popular choice, giving you a simple, classic base to decorate the rest of the kitchen with pops of colour. A practical option that will stand the test of time and not go out of style. 

Grand Grey Shaker Kitchen with oak topped breakfast bar

Grey is a versatile colour, offering you lots of matching colour palettes to play with. Why not pair grey with a blue, green or pink high-level cabinetry or feature island to mix it up. Grey also allows you to go a bit more wild with your feature colours.

Add splashes of colour with bright appliances and features. 

Take a look at our Manor Farm project pairing classic grey and blue cabinetry. The grey and blue create a calming environment, where you can really relax. It’s a very muted and soothing atmosphere, elevated by the cool tones of grey and blue.

A grey kitchen is easy to clean and an all-round crowd-pleaser. Grey can be dressed up or down and you can add pops of colour to your taste by implementing colour into your appliances or tea towels.

White Kitchens

A calming, elegant colour that creates a showstopping, blank canvas for you to make your mark. Opt for a minimal, stripped back look in line with the Japanese minimalist trend. Or, pair your white with bright, vibrant appliances and artwork to bring real personality to the room. 

Grand Shaker Kitchen London - Sub Zero & Wolf Double Oven

White is a great choice to let the design and other elements of your kitchen be the standout feature of the room like this brass worktop and splashback. Similar to grey, white is an incredibly versatile colour that will match with almost everything. Meaning you can add or take away colour anytime you wish. White kitchens also appear a lot larger, the brightness gives you the illusion of more space. In smaller kitchens, white can give the room a lot more room to breathe and cook. For more tips on how to tackle a tiny kitchen, read our blog post.

It’s classic, the white walls, but it’s classic for a reason. Allowing your kitchen space to open up with white walls really pulls the whole room together. 

Blue Kitchens

A striking, classic option. At Honest Kitchens, we love our Farrow and Ball blue shades; Railings, Inchyra Blue, Down Pipe, Hague Blue and Vardo. All so different and unique.

Dark blue geometric kitchen with large pantry cabinet

Blue kitchens hold a real sense of timeless sophistication, whilst being able to withstand everyday family life, little hands and messy cooking. Adding blue to your kitchen builds a calm setting for your kitchen and looks great whilst doing it. 

We like to pair blue with a calming white or grey cabinetry- Or make the cabinetry the focal point and choose a strong, darker blue and pair it with a traditional brass handle to add elegance. You should opt for a blue kitchen if you’re looking to create a relaxing, easy to clean environment for your kitchen.

Green Kitchens

A calming, natural feel to your home. Ideal to come home to after a busy day and unwind. Green kitchens mimic the beauty of the outdoors and pull it all inside.

By using green in your kitchen you’re promoting a happy atmosphere. As a statement colour in kitchens, green can appear as modern, traditional or retro. We loved building this design, adding small copper motifs to really make the green pop. Furthermore, the greenery and plants on the side top the whole room off.

We like to think that green kitchens mirror how their owner will live, recycling and living green. I guess all Sustainable Kitchens are green!

Featured Image - Green Shaker Kitchen with Perrin & Rowe Ionian Aged Brass Tap & Shaws Belfast Sink

Plum Kitchens

A statement colour, oozing personality. To choose a plum kitchen you’ve got to be adventurous and stylish, but also love the classics. Plum is sensual and warm, making your space feel cosy. A place that you could relax and have a party in. If a pink kitchen may be too much for you, plum is a beautiful alternative.

Handleless Plum Kitchen with island

We’ve recently completed our Kings heath kitchen where the client wanted to express the family’s creativity and love of colour through the kitchen where they spend most of their time. We even paired it with a bright orange larder interior and the results really are stunning. 

Pink Kitchens

Farrow & Balls’ Setting Plaster has made us rethink our favourite kitchen colours. When people hear of our famous pink kitchens usually they don’t know what to expect. Pink is a very ‘love it or hate it’ colour, especially in the home. But if you love pink, you might as well go all the way. The lovely warm tones matched with the pastel colours and white give the illusion of a larger kitchen.

The Pink Kitchen Sustainable Kitchens - Pink flat panel contemporary kitchen in Bath

The subtle, warming tone brings heaps of personality to a kitchen and looks impeccable next to white quartz or wooden worktop. We’ve seen it work wonders in industrial look kitchens and the traditional country kitchens – It’s a shade you can really put your own spin and style on. 

A colourful kitchen is always going to be dynamic and a great way to show off your own unique style. A kitchen doesn’t have to look in any particular order, you should create your dream kitchen around your own needs and wants. If you’re looking for a little bit of brightness in your life, maybe consider that colourful kitchen.

Sustainable kitchens aims to design, create and build long-lasting kitchens that aren’t harmful to our environment, but still look good. Contact us to ask any queries you may have.