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Kitchen Trends 2022 – 6 Designer Approved Kitchen Trends


Kitchen space usage has changed dramatically over the past 2 years from becoming our workspace to homeschooling, the kitchen has been used more than ever before. Kitchens have always been the hub of the home but they now more than ever, are the heart of the home. 


Kitchen design has been adapted to suit the changing environments to become much more than a place to prep and cook food. They are more practical, more family centred and multi-functional spaces. 


As we move through the changes, we have compiled the interesting kitchen trends we are seeing this year and expect to be more common as we sail through 2022.





Sage Green and Hague Blue are our bread and butter, they are timeless, classic and can be as modern or contemporary as the heart desires. 


However, we are loving nothing more than seeing the bold and beautiful colours fly around our workshop and into their forever homes. Customers are being much more experimental in colours throughout their home, particularly in the kitchen. 

Whether it is bright kitchen colours for the cabinets or pops of colour accents in accessories and upholstery, the beauty of painted kitchens is that the choice is limitless (plus, you can always repaint in many years to come)

Granada Green Kitchen - Pink and green colourful kitchen

Now is the time to have fun with kitchen colours and we are certainly on board with it! 





Natural materials, colours and characteristics are increasing as a way to bring the outside, in. After months of being locked in the home, interiors are transitioning to become much more of a welcoming space with nature at the core. 


Whether it’s an increase of greenery to fulfil our desire to be closer to nature or the use of raw or rustic materials, a more natural kitchen is a more pleasant place to be. 

Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen London - Herringbone floor with central island, open cabinet and wine rack

Nothing says a nature-inspired kitchen more than having exposed wood elements. We are seeing an increase in different forms of wood kitchens, from full wood kitchens to backed wood backings. 


We use locally grown British Ash in our Concept Kitchens, it is truly beautiful. 



Fluted and slatted islands add depth and texture to any kitchen, incorporated beautifully in both traditional and contemporary homes. 


Choose from painted slates and flutes, or opt to keep the wood exposed. From full islands to island backings, thick flutes to thin flutes, the possibility is endless and we know that wood kitchen panelling is here to stay. 


Opt for a splashback in cladded material to add a unique touch to your kitchen space like the below kitchen using shiplap cladded walls as a feature behind the traditional shaker kitchen cabinetry. 

The Rectory Kitchen Renovation with exposed oak drawers and shiplap walls

Or, use slatted panelling on the back or full island to make a statement piece of furniture. 




Bora’s bora’s everywhere. Gone are the days of the kitchen extraction dilemma. Bora has made a splash and we can’t get enough of them. 

They make including cook space on islands or peninsulas possible by drawing the air downwards and externally venting or recirculating. 


Seeing a Bora in action is truly impressive and takes centre stage in all kitchens for a social and clean looking space. It’s no surprise that they are getting increasingly more common by the day. 



Since March 2020, many of us have spent more time at home than we would have ever dreamed of and the kitchen has become a hub for everything from cooking to working from home to schooling. 


We have seen an increase in kitchen additions to accommodate working from home, whether it’s an extended island to be able to seat the whole family whilst some work and some homework, or sneaky hideaway cabinets that double as a stand-up office like the one pictured below. For this kitchen, we integrated a slide and hide door to be able to close your day away (for the same walk out of the office at 5pm on a Friday feeling) and lined the cabinet in cork to double as a corkboard to keep the surfaces clear and the mess tucked away so that minimal surface space would work. 

Cool, huh! 





We have always loved incorporating the old the new together and are welcoming the fact that more people are thinking about this within their home renovations. 

Dark green shaker kitchen with reclaimed vintage haberdashery painted in Obsidian Green

Whether it is a freestanding larder cabinet that sets the scene for the rest of the kitchen, or vintage crates that you want to utilise for vegetable baskets. 


It is one of our favourite things to do so set us the challenge. 



The boots (and dogs) are getting muddier! Or perhaps it has just been winter.. Maybe I forget what sunshine is like. 


A combined boot-room and utility are more than handy to have. A space to house washing machines and dryers, with additional food storage, dog food and even sometimes a low Belfast sink or wash sink built to shower the muddy paws. Plus! A space to hang coats and boots away from home life to shut away and clean another day.

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