6 Kitchen Trends For 2020

kitchen trends


here’s what we are expecting kitchen trends of 2020 look like

1. Sustainable Materials 

We may be ahead of the curve in our sustainability credentials for manufacturing kitchens, but we expect to see a big increase of consumers being eco-conscious in the home and increasing their everyday recycling/sustainability efforts into bigger things such as their home renovations. 

We have seen an increase in requests for more sustainable materials in the home, with upcycled and reclaimed wood to be a key trend in 2020 kitchen design with consumers wanting to reduce and reuse. 

With an increase in product engineering around sustainability, more and more companies are finding materials and processes that we will start to see in kitchens meaning consumers aren’t jeopardising durability to be environmentally kind.

It’s great to see the sustainability movement being key in fashion and interiors. It’s certainly a trend that we are on board with. 

Kitchen trends 2020

2. Minimalism 

Sleek, simple and minimalist kitchens. 

It’s a trend that’s stormed interior design world that we expect to see more of in the kitchen. With sharp lines, concealed storage and minimal hardware, the flat-panel contemporary look is a trend that won’t go out of style.

Heres how you can achieve a minimalist feel; 

  • Hiding appliances within your cabinetry 
  • Integrated range hoods, conceal your range hood or make it a statement piece
  • Handle-less cabinetry, go for recess handles or push-open mechanism 
  • Concealed storage options, less open shelves that will invite clutter
  • Clutter-free accessories, consider bold artwork and minimal items on show
  • Embrace blank space, pair it all back and keep the space streamlined

Kitchen trends 2020


3. Larders

As part of the minimalism trends, larders have made a huge comeback and we see becoming a kitchen staple in 2020. Not only do they suit the contemporary, sleek kitchen trend, they are also key in creating the perfect traditional farm-house shaker kitchen and have huge amounts of storage enclosed. 

The storage capacity will keep you organised and on-trend whilst also reducing your shopping bills while you can see exactly what you have, without items being hidden at the back of dark cupboards. 

Take a look at our last blog post for larder options for your kitchen. 


4. Ranges Of Colours

Just like our ‘Loft Kitchen’, companies such as ILVE, Smeg, AGA & Lacanche now offering a number of colours and finishes. Here we customised an ILVE range to Farrow and Ball, Charlotte’s Locks. 

You can be as bold or as subtle as you wish; but now you can customise colours to really make it your own, we expect this kitchen trend to take off – Plus, these popular ranges are designed to last for many years. 

Kitchen trends 2020

5. Range Hoods 

Gone are the days of the bulky, obvious extractor fans. 

With new technology, we are expecting to see more of the subtle, downdraft extractors that hideaway and be less obstructive. 

With our new project, Springfield Contemporary Cottage, the idea for the downdraft extractor was to keep the kitchen with clean and simple lines. 

Also on the rise which we expect to see more of, is extractors and hobs made into statement pieces. Companies such as Elicia are producing showstopping products – Take a look at one we designed into our Loft Kitchen which is a subtle shelf, with hidden goodies such as a USB charger and recipe book holder. It’s truly stunning and we get many questions on this!

Kitchen trends 2020

6. Upgraded Appliances

In line with the great sustainability movement, appliance manufacturers are now incorporating technology that helps prolong the life of food to minimise waste. More often than not, old appliances can be more expensive with everyday running costs than upgrading to a new product. 

Whilst they are focused on using less energy, many new models are incorporating an ethylene filter to keep your vegetables fresher for longer. 

Check out Boschs’ new  vitafresh range – Bosch Vitafresh Innovation

Here at Sustainable Kitchens, we are always keeping up to date with new products and technology that will bring benefit to our customers in a sustainable, eco-friendly way that also suits their style and budget.

We hope you enjoyed our predictions of kitchen trends 2020, be sure to chat to our designers about how we can refresh and re-invigorate your kitchen.

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