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At Sustainable Kitchens, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, hand crafted kitchens that are made last. Bespoke kitchens have been a focus of ours since our launch in 2006, following our successful reign of creating high-end sustainable kitchens, we found that there was a gap in the market for people moving away from high street kitchen manufacturers, which often end up in landfill within 10 years, and wanting standardised kitchen cabinets made from ethically sourced, long-lasting materials.

After months of careful planning and engineering, we proudly announced Honest Kitchens, our curated range of standardised overlay cabinets with sustainability and quality at its core.

Honest Kitchens cabinets


What is Honest Kitchens?


Honest Kitchens is our stripped-back service putting you in the driving seat. We have worked hard to capture all the best elements and materials from our bespoke kitchens and wrap them up into a concise curated range for our clients.

By streamlining our service offer and taking a more collaborative approach we are able to deliver the same top-quality birch plywood cabinets at a lower price and with a quicker turnaround.

To keep the costs down, our Honest Kitchens are designed for simple installation. We will deliver your kitchen in reusable packing blankets and provide a detailed fitting guide for your installers to work from.

Our Honest Kitchens range is made up of 3 overlay door styles inspired by our favourite cabinet designs.


A modern touch on the traditional Shaker kitchen, our Clifton door brings the charm of a traditional Shaker with a contemporary edge.

The door is made with a Medite centre panel and features a tulip wood frame. Medite is a type of MDF which is recognised for its sustainability, durability and quality compared to traditional MDF. Unlike MDF, Medite contains little to low levels of a chemical compound called formaldehyde which can contribute to poor indoor air quality.

The Tulipwood which is used for our frames is robust, low-bending, and shock resistant making it the perfect material to withstand any busy kitchen.

Our Clifton doors are finished with a durable water-based paint.

We apply two coats of colour-matched primer in our workshop ready for you to apply a coat of hand painting once installed. Clients can choose from our selection of colours, or if you already have a shade in mind, we can provide the primed doors ready for you to finish in your favourite colour.

Clifton door material


An understated luxury door with clean lines and a subtle framed detail, our Redland door is a contemporary take on the traditional Shaker door.

The Redland door is made from the same robust materials as our Clifton door and finished with durable water-based paint. Two coats of colour-matched primer will be applied to the doors in our workshop ready for you to apply the final coat once installed.


A contemporary flat door with a choice of 27 materials and finishes for a customisable and playful design. The Cotham door is made from our signature robust Birch Plywood carcass and door. Doors can be finished with either an oak veneer complete with a Rubio oil finish, a durable laminate, or a Valchromat finish – the choice is yours!

If you want to achieve a natural aesthetic, we can deliver the Cotham doors in Plywood showcasing the woods natural grain.

Worktops, Handles, and Appliances

For full kitchen renovations, we can supply worktops, handles, and appliances as well as our Honest Kitchens cabinets.

We can give you exclusive access to better pricing on appliances and suggest the perfect appliances for your kitchen needs.

Additionally, you can choose from a range of handles from our selected range of sustainable and quality focussed partners and durable worktops, including Terrazzo, Corian and Caesarstone, to make your kitchen your own.


We strive to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible and are made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials that will last to produce your forever kitchen.

Our birch plywood is supplied by Riga Wood, a Latvian company that sources their PEFC and FSC® certified wood only from within the EU.

The Riga Ply is lacquered in the factory and the layers are bound with a lignin-based adhesive which is a metabolite substance sourced from plants.

Read our Honest Kitchens FAQ for more info.

Have an Honest Kitchens Project in mind? Send your plans and ideas to hello@sustainablekitchens.co.uk or ring 0117 961 6471 to book a free consultation.

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