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Plywood Kitchen Cabinet Benefits

We use plywood kitchen cabinets for several reasons, the most important being longevity. Sustainability means many different things to different people; here at Sustainable Kitchens, sustainability is about creating quality products that will last a lifetime whilst keeping the environment at the core of all decisions and principles. We want to ensure that we are creating products that won’t need to be replaced, so we create beautiful kitchens using plywood cabinets.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is formed by pressing and binding many layers of thin wood together and is often made available in a range of thicknesses. Because of the lamination procedure from which plywood is constructed, plywood kitchen cabinets are incredibly durable and can therefore withstand heavy weight and ultimately, last for many years.

Although it remains a popular choice for contemporary kitchens, plywood kitchens started in late 1920s America, and the practice of using layered woods to build one structure can be dated as far back as ancient Egyptian times.


Why are plywood kitchen cabinets so popular?

Birch plywood is the choice of material for all of our kitchen carcasses, given its superiority of robustness and strength in comparison to the cheaper MDF or chipboard substitutes. Due to its natural finish and the exposed edges, birch plywood ensures those who prefer lighter wood kitchens are left inspired, and therefore makes it the perfect choice of wood for Scandinavian-styled kitchens.

Low-cost alternatives such as High Density and Medium Density Fibreboard (HDF/MDF) are engineered woods often used for more economical kitchen cabinetry. These often aren’t moisture resistant, which is key in withstanding the test of time in busy kitchens, and therefore begin to show signs of ageing early on in their lifetime. Because of this, fibreboard remains a much weaker carcass material compared to its more capable and desirable birch plywood counterpart.

Particleboard, otherwise known as chipboard, is the most affordable cabinetry option for a kitchen. Built through compacting sawdust and waste materials, this makes it an incredibly lightweight and often short-lived material for your kitchen that may well need replacing.

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet Benefits

One of the main benefits of using birch plywood is that it’s considered a sustainable choice of material with fast-growing tree qualities. Although the practice of cutting down wood in large quantities can be a contributor to deforestation, the plywood sourced should be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC ( Programme for the Enforcement of Forest Certifications) meaning they are responsibly grown in sustainably managed woodland areas. 

The accreditations ensure that the wood used in our kitchens is responsibly sourced; from conservation woodlands with efficient maintenance in place whilst enhancing value; and that the forests are restored correctly with accelerating forest recovery programmes.

Furthermore, plywood is manufactured with very few chemicals, containing low levels of formaldehyde and VOC, this highlights the importance of understanding both the adhesives and materials used throughout production.

Choosing a hardwood ply such as birch will mean the wood is resistant to warping and rotting, leaving you with a beautiful kitchen that will often last a lifetime.

Plywood Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

Plywood Kitchens Vs MDF

If you are currently renovating your kitchen and unsure what materials to choose, it is important to dig deeper into the materials used by the manufacturer of your kitchen along with where exactly it’s made.

Whilst MDF carcasses and cabinets may appear to be budget-friendly in the short term, MDF can be prone to breaking and snagging, meaning it is more likely to need replacing after a few years. Additionally, MDF is more vulnerable to moisture damage, meaning it can swell and warp and lose its structural integrity.

Plywood has a significantly longer life expectancy thanks to its incredible durability, allowing it to withstand damage from impact or heavy loads.

Moreover, plywood is relatively moisture-resistant, making it the ideal material for busy kitchens.

Latest plywood kitchen trends

Whilst we use birch plywood kitchen cabinets for all of our kitchen styles, all but one of our ranges include the doors sitting over the plywood cabinets with the ply seen only when the doors are open.We have developed our ranges to include an exposed edge plywood range, meaning the doors sit within the carcass and those beautiful plywood edges are left exposed for all to see.A style that lends itself from 70’s inspired kitchens to Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired kitchens showcasing natural materials.See here in our Chapman Kitchen, paired with bright doors bringing a playful energy.
plywood kitchen
Alternatively, plywood kitchens don’t need to be painted. Leaving the birch-faced ply unpainted will highlight a simplistic finish to the naturally light wood for a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen with plenty of natural materials and warm wood.
scandi kitchen

As plywood is a neutral colour it is perfect to mix and match with other materials. Our eco-plywood kitchen pairs exposed birch plywood cabinets and shelving with stunning stainless steel worktops to create an industrial yet natural space.

Contemporary Eco Kitchen with plywood cabinets and stainless steel worktops
If you are looking for a high-quality plywood kitchen, get in touch with our team to start designing your dream kitchen that will last a lifetime.
Lindsay Lillie
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I’m so glad that I chose Sustainable Kitchens for my new kitchen. They are a great team of people to work with with a great ethos of sustainability underpinning the whole company. The design process with Sam was a pleasure and I am so delighted with the end result. My new kitchen is exactly what I wanted it to be — stylish, functional, unique and a wonderful place to be. I recommend Sustainable Kitchens wholeheartedly.
Ian Chapman
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A great experience! Really open and friendly team that made the process exciting not daunting. Sam understood what we wanted and got the design perfect. Gianluca fitted it perfectly and Zoe was awesome to work with. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the workshop getting to see all the tools, care and attention that goes into creating beautiful kitchens. Would recommend to anyone!
Nicola Pocock
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Our kitchen from Sustainable Kitchens has been a complete triumph and has exceeded our expectations for the lift it has given to the whole house! Every member of the team was friendly, professional, reassuring and happy to answer any number of questions. It really couldn’t have been a smoother and easier journey and we absolutely love the end result!
David Cole
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We love our kitchen and really appreciate the effort Sustainable Kitchens put in to the design and execution. They are also very quick to respond to any questions and queries – even after the project has finished and account closed – great aftercare service! Top marks.
Julie Hitchcock
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We are delighted with the quality of our Sustainable Kitchen. Sam and the team guided us through the design process, really listening to what we hoped to achieve. They were very flexible in the face of our shifting building schedule and the fitting and painting team did a superb job. We should never need a new kitchen, but if we did, we wouldn’t hesitate to call on Sustainable Kitchens.
Laura Brocklesbery
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Highly recommend Sustainable Kitchens. We are so happy with our new kitchen. It is made to a beautiful quality, all custom made and fitting perfectly. From the design process through to the final product Sustainable Kitchen were professional, responsive, and really helpful in making our kitchen a reality.
Emma Bent
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Would recommend Sustainable Kitchens without reservation. Sam's design knowledge and skills set us up for the workshop and fitting team to provide us with a kitchen that has fulfilled all of our 'want' as well as 'need' list. Thank you!
Chris Booth
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I cannot praise Sustainable Kitchens highly enough for the fantastic quality of the kitchen they made and installed for us.
Hannah Family
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I can highly recommend Sustainable Kitchens they are such a lovely team to work with and their kitchens are beautiful. An added bonus is being able to see their workshop and the cabinets being made so you can see the quality of their work.
Abigail Whitten
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Sustainable Kitchens supplied exquisite, fully custom built kitchen cabinetry. We hoped for a 'forever' kitchen and weren't disappointed. Every part is beautifully constructed and finished. Absolutely no shortcuts taken. Really delighted.
Rebecca Simms
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The service from Sustainable Kitchens was first class from the initial design stage right through to the installation of my bespoke handmade kitchen. A year on I am still loving it!
Catherine Launder
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Couldn’t be more pleased with Sustainable Kitchens. They respected our very specific requirements, contributed some helpful suggestions, came exactly when promised and did precisely what was agreed. They completed even earlier than the time scheduled, were clean and efficient and did a perfect job – we’ve never had such a good installation experience and we’ve had plenty!
Joyce Fulton
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Our new kitchen is beautiful. The quality of workmanship is outstanding and it is everything we asked Sustainable Kitchens to do. Their understanding of how we wanted the kitchen to look was pitch perfect and their guidance throughout the process was constant and really supportive. One hundred percent recommend this vibrant young company.
Simon Muriel
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Kitchen supplies. Impeccable craftsmanship. Great ethos. Very pleased.


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