Maximum style for your kitchen. 

A highly elegant, minimalist compact system with a distinctive air nozzle inlet for surface induction.

A traditional electric cooking range, hand-crafted in the Cotswold. 

A wind turbine powers their head office, parts are almost exclusively supplied from the UK using energy that they largely generate themselves and are huge advocates of planting and creating new woodland.

Comprehensive suite of luxury appliances. 

Beautiful design and exceptional performance with a full range from cooling to laundry. 

Meticulously crafted and expertly engineered appliances bringing professional luxury quality to the home. 

The average Sub-Zero product uses less electricity than a 100-watt bulb and are committed to creating appliances that help preserve our planet.

A tap that does it all. 

Leading the way in sustainability, the  energy-efficient hot water appliance reducing the need for plastic with both cool and sparkling water additions.