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Your kitchen is the central hub of your household. A space where you begin your day, catch up with family and friends, prepare your meals, and so much more. As one of the most used rooms in your home, your kitchen needs to be a calming space that doesn’t add any extra stress to your life.

Choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen is crucial to creating a peaceful environment. Green kitchens are a colour trend that’s here to stay as they kindle a sense of tranquillity. The organic-looking tones remind us of nature and help keep your kitchen fresh.


With there being a, no pun intended, whole spectrum of colours to choose from, how did we settle on the gorgeous shades of green as our new number one choice for your kitchen designs? Green is no longer just a colour, it has achieved escape velocity and taken on a whole myriad of new meanings; cities are green now, cars are green too, and the very act of living healthily is now green, so we must be using this label for a reason right? 

Within colour psychology, green has an expansive list of positive effects on people and we believe this is the core reason why green is right for you. People often suggest that the colour green has a calming effect on them, the strong association with nature giving it a tranquil energy perfect for our often chaotic homes. 

Other studies, such as this one, suggest that dark green shades can be soothing, helping to minimise stress and anxiety and bring clarity and composure to their place. It’s no coincidence that before live performances artists collect their thoughts in a ‘green room’, and if everybody else is utilising the magical properties of green, why shouldn’t we have this same magic in our own homes?

Green Kitchen Ideas


Whether you opt for a vibrant mint green or perhaps a more earthy forest tone, there are so many wonderful shades to choose from. What’s more, green cabinets work with almost any kitchen style, so if you prefer a traditional shaker kitchen or a more modern Scandinavian design, rest assured that you can find a green tone that enhances your space.

Keep reading to discover our favourite green kitchen ideas (designed by us) to help you find your perfect tone.

1. The Country Kitchen

The Country Kitchen elegantly combines the contemporary design of its exterior with its traditional interior. The rich green shaker cabinet doors painted with Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke pair nicely with the timber features and help to accentuate the brassy accents for a timeless finish.

2. Green Beaded Shaker Kitchen

Green works perfectly in shaker kitchens, helping to create a traditional feel with a contemporary edge. The additional beaded detailing to the cabinets of this Green Beaded Shaker Kitchen creates a luxurious appearance. We used Little Greene’s Three Farm Green paint to complete the natural oak drawers and internal cabinets.

3. Granada Green Kitchen

Adding multiple colours to your kitchen is a great way to express your creativity and play about with your space. Though some colour combos can be a headache, green pairs well with a variety of colours including yellow, beige, blue, and pink to create a beautiful space. Our Granada Green Kitchen pairs green cabinets, painted with Dulux’s Granada Green paint, with pastel pink walls to inject a burst of energy and fun into this eclectic kitchen.

4. The Chapman Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens are the latest trend. Their Nordic-inspired design is heavily influenced by nature, using natural materials for an effortless look. We used Farrow & Balls’ Breakfast Room Green, which has a great neutral tone, in our exposed plywood edge kitchen to enhance this minimalist design.

5. Dark Green Shaker Kitchen

A functional kitchen doesn’t have to be a boring one, our Dark Green Shaker Kitchen oozes style as well as being a functioning family kitchen. The almost-black dark green cabinets, painted in Little Greene’s Obsidian Green paint, paired with the grass features make for a sophisticated finish.

6. Obsidian Green Kitchen

We can’t get enough of this Obsidian Green Kitchen with bespoke Shaker Kitchen cabinets with heritage brass accents. The darker shade of green reflects the light beautifully, creating different tones and shades. The kitchen comes together with a large island making it the perfect space for gathering.

7. Green Industrial Kitchen

With its deep green palette, this industrial galley kitchen fitted with inframe cabinets is finished with Little Greene’s Obsidian Green paint (a favourite for us and our clients, as you might have guessed). The cabinets are coupled with marble-inspired worktops and an oak counter making for an idyllic contemporary kitchen.

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