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A Scandi kitchen isfull of Nordic charm. The design aesthetics are simple and beautiful and largely inspired by nature. 

Inspired by nature with a peaceful and calming ambience, the Scandinavian kitchen is a sleek and minimalist space.

At the core of the Scandinavian Kitchen is simple, clean lines with a feeling of warmth.  This beautiful Nordic charm is enhanced by a light colour scheme, uncluttered approach and natural materials.

Light in Scandinavian Kitchens 

Light is used in numerous different ways and it is a nod to the origins of Scandi design where the long dark Nordic winter months heavily influence the internal decor. Summers are light and bright, whereas winters receive very little sunlight. Any Scandinavian kitchen will have practicality at the heart of the design, yet will also be a light and airy space. 

Considered use of lighting to illuminate the space as much as possible is essential, this can be in the form of spotlights, feature pendants or under-counter lighting.

This light and spacious look can also be created through soft wall tones and light-coloured flooring. Big beautiful windows that allow as much light to flow would also be a perfect addition to allow as much light into the space as possible.

Scandinavian Kitchen London - Central island with breakfast bar

Scandi Kitchen Colours 

It is all about whites and natural materials. White tones will enhance and maximise any available natural light which was an absolute must during those long Nordic winters. Pairing white with lots of wood textures and softer materials breaks up the colour palette and keeps the space feel welcoming and warm. 

The Scandi colour palette is typically more restrained, think softer calmer colours like white, stones and greys that pair well with natural lighter woods. It is all about calm and sophistication portraying a minimalist effortless look. Colour can be added in accents and accessories or even bold dark elements for a more dramatic impact but keep the space soft.

Scandinavian Kitchen London - Wood kitchen cabinets with corian worktop and black tap

Scandinavian Kitchen Materials

With any Scandinavian space, there is a focus on nature and elements that will bring the natural world in and celebrate the beauty that is nature. Natural, rustic wood can be an integral element to bring warm touches through gorgeous timber flooring or shelving. Birch plywood and light ash woods are ideal for Scandinavian kitchens with their paired back grains and lighter washes for instant Scandi charm. Wood flooring will reflect natural light beautifully and ensure that the space feels bigger and brighter. 

Stone can also be a welcome addition in the form of a statement countertop, perfect for a calming and relaxed ambience. A few green decorative touches with houseplants or a herb garden can also help enhance the natural feelings. 

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchens 

Simple, peaceful and organised – these are essential to the Scandinavian look. Countertops are clutter free with everything stored neatly in its designated space. Behind the doors will be a space for everything with organised, partitions for practical storage solutions. The minimalist ethos will be reflected in the cabinetry which will be modern and sleek with no intricate detailing. If space allows, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry would be ideal to enhance this vibe. Handleless cabinets would also be ideal and in keeping with a streamlined, clean and contemporary look.

Functionality is a key element in Scandinavian design, with clever storage solutions and a place for everything. The space will be decluttered and organised yet not too clinical or cold. 

The Scandinavian kitchen will be minimalist and tidy without excessive decor or mess. It will be a place to relax and unwind to relieve any feelings of stress. 

Family Friendly Scandi Kitchens 

A common feature in any Scandinavian home is a large dining table at the heart of the kitchen, large family gatherings are absolutely integral to their way of life. Think plenty of seats, a table full of pale crockers, hemp placemats and striking cutlery. 

A dining table can also be a great opportunity to bring in textures, wooden accents or a splash of colour to the paired back scheme. 

Scandinavian Kitchen London - Banquette seating made from european wood

If you are looking to design the perfect Scandinavian Kitchen, then we’d love to hear from you. Are Kitchen Designers will guide you through the exciting process to achieve the most beautiful Scandinavian Kitchen design. 





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