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In our joinery workshop, it’s the human touch that sets us apart. To hand paint your kitchen means giving it the individual care and attention to detail we believe it deserves. Choosing one of our kitchens means you’ve decided for us to hand paint kitchen to your exact specifications, hand-finishing every unit to the highest standard. 

Dark blue geometric kitchen with painted food racks

We know that you want a kitchen that is the centre and heart of your home. We know that you want it to be just the way you dreamt it. After all, this is the place where you’ll be sharing time, love and laughter with your family and friends for years to come. It only makes sense to finish your new kitchen to the highest level of detail and with a thoughtful, considerate hand painted touch.

At Sustainable Kitchens we believe that your kitchen should blend in perfectly to your home. This means the furniture will be finished seamlessly. Our team will fully inspect every aspect of your kitchen from top to bottom, inside and out to make sure everything down to the last detail meets our high quality standards.

When your bespoke kitchen arrives and is installed by our experienced team, it will have been primed and will have received up to 3 coats of your finished colour. These coats are applied by Fin and Roger, our furniture painters, in a specialist part of our Bristol workshop. Using a fine spray and turntable, your furniture is painted to a smooth and complete finish. After they have finished this stage of the painting process, the furniture is ready for the final hand painting coats in-situ.

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Our final touch is when our fine furniture painter, Myke, comes to visit. He applies the artist’s touch. He will apply a final coat across all of your kitchen by hand. His attention to detail is second to none and ensures that you’ll be more than satisfied with the new hub of your home. As a service that is unique to Sustainable Kitchens, this is something that will really set your new kitchen apart from the others.

Myke paints in the direction of the grain of the wood, to work sympathetically with the beautiful materials underneath. This ensures that you won’t be distracted by brushstrokes, but instead will be able to enjoy seeing the intricate grain of the wood you selected.

“The hand painting and finishing process gives a clean and even finish, whilst highlighting the grain in the oak units and showing off the kitchen. I love working with such high-quality materials, the finished product is something we can all be proud of.”

Lottie Shaw. Fine Furniture Painter

Contemporary kitchen with walk in larder and painted wine rack

Hand painted vs factory finish

The contrast between a hand painted vs factory finish is stark. A hand painted finish boasts a more natural appearance and glow – this is because the brush applies the paint using a more direct technique according to the natural grain of the wood.

In addition to this, repairing cabinetry with a hand painted finish is much more straightforward. Chips or scuffs as a result of general wear and tear over the years can be easily sanded down with another layer of paint reapplied by hand! By choosing a hand painted kitchen you are future proofing your cabinetry should you ever have a change of taste over time, you can simply sand down your down and repaint the kitchen to your color of choice again.

We know that kitchens are busy places. The whole family lives and works in the kitchen. Wear and tear is expected and accidents happen. Thankfully, your kitchen is hand painted and can easily be touched up in situ, or you could even repaint it entirely to create a fresh, new look. We use hardwearing and, importantly, environmentally friendly Farrow & Ball or Little Greene paints. They offer a huge variety of colours so you can really pick the one to suit your home.

Time for a change of colour or a new refreshing outlook? Give us a call and we’ll happily come back to repaint your whole kitchen ensuring it will look like new in 20 years’ time.

Colourful fun Shaker kitchen with painted pine floor and Green Verditer cabinets

Why we choose Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball are perfect partners for our kitchens. They care for, consider and protect the environment in the same way that we do. As well as this, their paint is of excellent quality. The depth of colour across their range is a match for any of our kitchens. Their clever use of natural pigments allows your space to refract light in a natural way, delivering you a genuinely organic feel.

They have also completely committed to the reduce, reuse and recycle ethos that we aim to promote. They produce paints with either minimal or no solvents, at an emission-free factory. Their paints are all water-based, meaning no impact on the environment when cleaning. Even the tins that the paint are delivered in are completely recyclable.

With 132 colours currently available, we’re sure you’ll find a colour to match your newly designed, bespoke Sustainable Kitchens kitchen.

For more information on Farrow and Ball’s Eco Policy and to learn more, visit their site. One of the many reasons we work with them is their low VOC (volatile organic compounds) – with so many of their paints at 2g per litre, it’s way underneath the EU guidelines for safety (that’s 130g per litre).

We also love Little Greene and Paper & Paints

Farrow and Ball not matching your kitchen vision perfectly? We can also use the National Trust-associated Little Greene paints. Little Greene are also an independent British paint manufacturer who create eco-friendly paints. Even their oil based paints are crafted using sustainable vegetable oils.

Want to talk to us about your kitchen plans? Get in touch on 0117 961 6471 or hello@sustainablekitchens.co.uk

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