Gianluca Dessena May 2018


What it’s like to get your dream kitchen

Once you’ve had your kitchen designed by our team (you can read more about that here), we’ll get to work manufacturing it. The next people you’ll hear from are from our Installation team.


Gianluca Dessena May 2018


That friendly gentleman – Gianluca, is our very talented Kitchen Installer. He fit and install everything, with the exception of gas, plumbing and electrics and usually takes a Maker from our workshop with him in rotation to have woodwork knowledge on site.


What happens before you get your kitchen fitted

The first time you’ll meet them is during the site survey. They’ll meet you and your builders to talk about what needs to be done before they begin fitting your new kitchen. That might be finishing off the floors, sorting out some plumbing bits or electrical tests.

While they’re there, our Installers will measure up the space to pass back to the design team. At that point, they’ll take note of any mechanic and electrical information, which helps the Designers produce an accurate drawing.

Our Installers like to pop in to see you once more to check on the progress of any prep work being done at your home. If, at this point, you need to push back due to any building work, we can rearrange our schedules.


Sustainable Kitchens installation team van on site


Getting your kitchen installed: a step-by-step guide of what to expect

Now it’s time to start installing your kitchen! To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a breakdown of an average kitchen installation.

Day 1

On the first day, we’ll check the room for all prep requirements. We’ll install the floor protection, deliver the kitchen and co-ordinate with other tradespeople who might be working on your property.

Days 2-3

The next two days will be filled with the installation, when we’ll carefully fit all of your cabinetry into position.

Day 4

On the fourth day of your installation, we’ll arrange for an electrician to connect your appliances, which will then allow us to complete that stage of your fitting.

Day 5

Day five is usually the final day of the main install. We’ll template the worktops and, if needed, fit you some temporary worktops.

After that…

10 days after we’ve templated the worktop installation, we’ll complete anything that couldn’t be installed before. We’ll also work with the plumber to get your taps up and running.

At the start of the following week, Lottie will come over to do a final coat of paint by hand.


Steel, Marble Contemporary Kitchen with glazed cabinet and decorative cornice


How long does it take to get a kitchen fitted?

Roughly, you can expect your brand new, bespoke kitchen to be fully functioning in 4 weeks; although every kitchen is different. We often get asked about anything that might hold up installation. For instance, templated splashbacks usually add two weeks to the installation process.

We know your kitchen will have features that no other one has, so it will most likely deviate from the cookie-cutter plan we’ve outlined here. Your Installer knows your project through and through, so you’ll get a precise schedule from them once you decide to work with Sustainable Kitchens.

For more information about getting your kitchen installed with Sustainable Kitchens, give Sarah a ring on 0117 325 3416 or drop us a line on


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