Handleless Kitchens

Handleless Plum Kitchen in paint and paper library plum brandy


Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are seamless with a smooth finish, plenty of clean likes achieving a much-desired clutter-free look. 

Handleless kitchens are one of our most frequently requested when opting for a modern, contemporary kitchen. As contemporary kitchens are on the rise, we are continually developing and exploring options for handles that work best with the materials we use, that maintain the strong sturdy nature of our solid wood kitchens and that look sleek and modernist. 

Traditional kitchens such as the shaker will always look best with a classic handle which compliments the style and add to the classic aesthetic. Contemporary kitchens on the other hand which focus on having a sleek and streamlined look, work best with a hidden or ‘handleless’ approach. 


J-Handles in handleless kitchens, is a J shape curve cut out of the top of the kitchen cabinet door. When using a solid wood such as birch plywood, the J-handle will show the grains and layers in the wood meaning you can sand them down and have them exposed, painted the same colour as the rest of the cabinetry or a contrast colour to stand out and add uniqueness. 

The J-handle can either be the full length of the cabinetry which would give a continuous linear look as the below. 

Pegboard Plywood Kitchen with industrial movable island on yellow castors

The J-handle can also be cut out of one element, usually to one side or central as seen here. 

Contemporary Eco Kitchen with Birch plywood cabinets stainless steel worktops and douglas fir extractor housing

Chamfer Handle

A chamfer handle, an inwardly bevelled edge that your fingers can grip to pull open the cabinet doors. Shown in the below kitchen, our client was looking for a continuous clean uninterrupted look and feel to the kitchen with a sleek streamlined design. 

If working with a chamfer handle, it is important to go with a high-quality cabinet maker to ensure that the details will line up and also that the doors will last. With low-quality materials, it could be that the doors being to sag and the once clean lines will soon disappear. 

As kitchens age, sometimes handles can loosen and tarnish with time. Opting for a handleless kitchen will not only save your kitchen from ageing but is also super easy to wipe clean (no polishing required) and is ultimately durable and cannot break.

The handleless design gives a simple yet impactful look to kitchens, ideal for those looking for a minimalist kitchen that’s effortlessly stylish and can stage how they desire.