Reclaimed Wood Kitchens

Steel marble reclaimed wood kitchen with Calacatta Venato marble worktop


A new yet old edge to kitchen design. Reclaimed wood kitchens with elements such as reclaimed wood kitchen worktops are increasing in popularity and it’s no surprise why. There’s a certain charm a reclaimed wood kitchen brings to the home, working perfectly in both rustic countryside homes or a contemporary industrial build. 

As we as a society become more eco-conscious, it’s a trend that will stick around and allow kitchen suppliers such as ourselves to give old items a new lease of life. 

Whether it’s a full kitchen made from reclaimed materials or certain features, the results really are unique.

Reclaimed wood elements

One of our earlier kitchens used reclaimed boxcar planks to hide away the fridge freezer and larder whilst anchoring the room as unmatched uniqueness. 

The project was completed in an old milking parlour so bringing a touch of rustic and character back to the home was a no brainer. You can see the result below. 


Steel, Marble, Reclaimed Wood Kitchen with stainless steel worktop, Calacatta Venato marble island worktop, Lacanche Hood & Range and reclaimed boxcar oak larder



A complete reclaimed wood kitchen

A grand design with intelligent planning throughout.  This new build is full of concrete and timber features. We used a sold flow of reclaimed wood in this kitchen to bring warmth back into the industrial build. The continuation of the reclaimed timber required thorough planning and manufacture to ensure a neat flow. 

We continued the reclaimed wood into the carefully designed utility hiding the white good appliances and plenty of storage. The distinct design continues into the fire hearth and the boot room in the material bringing the whole space together. 


Industrial, reclaimed wood kitchen with concrete and brick from Sustainable kitchens


Reclaimed wood kitchen worktop

Retrovirus is one of Sustainable Kitchens favourites. We source old school science benchtops, give them TLC and transform them into a showstopping reclaimed wood kitchen worktop. 

For this project, sustainability was really at the heart of this clients renovation journey. Reclaiming items that have had a great life and giving them a new lease of life is something we push and recommend. Here, our client said it’s the thing that gets the most ‘wows!’.

Eco Extension Shaker Kitchen cookery books and vegetables on a reclaimed wooden worktop

Other ideas?

We are always excited to work on new exciting projects and work out of the box to create the most beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen worktops and other elements for your reclaimed kitchen.

Whether it’s a reclaimed wood island, a full reclaimed wood kitchen or simply just a feature, get in touch with us at Sustainable Kitchens and start your kitchen design journey.