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Kitchen Pantry Cupboard Ideas – The Comeback of the Pantry

The Victorians used to have a very orderly approach to kitchen use; with storerooms, larders and sculleries all separated with purpose. Dissecting the kitchen like this was necessary back then to keep produce fresh and maintain kitchen hygiene, but what about the kitchen pantry of today?

Zoom forward on the timeline to current times and you’d think our kitchen desires would have changed? Surprisingly however it is quite the contrary. We are seeing a comeback in kitchen design, our choices becoming increasingly nostalgic, taking notes from history we are witnessing a spike in demand for kitchen old-timers; more specifically – the kitchen pantry cupboard.

MANOR FARM KITCHEN - With walk in pantry in farrow and ball railings colour

The kitchen pantry

The pantry cupboard used to be a place where one would store china, glassware and silver. The contents of which would be of such value it was kept under lock and key, with the butler of said pantry sleeping within it to guard against opportunistic others. Times have indeed changed and today’s kitchen pantry is more of a generalised storage solution, housing the most useful of all kitchen wear, in the form of a large larder integrated cupboard or indeed a small separated room.

What is the difference between a kitchen pantry and larder?

Although they are now mostly used interchangeably, the pantry used to be an area or room where food and dishes are stored. The larder, on the other hand, was a cool area where perishable food is stored prior to use. Usually, it was for storing meats, which used to be put down in crocks of lard—hence the name. At Sustainable Kitchens we can run you through the different options and help you decide on a larder or pantry for your kitchen. 

The kitchen larder unit

If you would like to have a larder in your kitchen, there are various options for all kitchen sizes. A larder unit can be designed into your kitchen, with space large enough for chunky items but small enough to fit in with the original shape of the space. Internal lighting is important for such a big space – to highlight those culinary accessories and to simply add style. A ventilation system is also a wise consideration. Here, small holes allow cool air to flow within and slab a natural stone at the bottom regulates the temperature perfectly.

Free-standing larder units

They can be free-standing – considering a larder you can move overtime is always an option. Within these, there are various storage options, including the integration of wine racks and vegetable baskets.

Dark blue geometric kitchen with painted food racks

The walk-in pantry

Larder cupboards are great but if you have the space, why not go a little larger? Some spaces may naturally lend themselves to this or some may need planning and designing from the roots. Either way, a pantry is a great idea that fits the style and functionality boxes perfectly.

Enviable pantries with beautiful style – we think moving back in time and doing it as the Victorians did is a wise choice for anyone about to embark on the process of fitting a new kitchen space.

For more information on how we can help you create a larder or pantry of your own, or any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at:


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