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Our drawers are unique to us and a craft within their own right. We believe in making things with the highest level of craftsmanship, doing so to ensure the life and style of each product will easily last the test of time. Let us talk you through the qualities our drawers have that you’re unlikely to find from other suppliers…

hand-painted-bath-kitchen-2The Dove Tail

A dovetail is a carpentry joint that uses multiple interlocking wedge-shaped elements called tails and pins to connect two pieces of wood. This connection produces an incredible strong resistance to weight and strain, one that any other joint struggles to compete with. Not only is the dovetail joint incredibly efficient under stress, it also has a beautifully decorative quality that really highlights the skill that went into crafting it.



The Drawer Runners

Our under-mounted drawer runners offer market leading performance across all areas. They generic lamisil give a synchronised gear system that creates a feather-light glide with high stability and an adaptive soft close. These features really give a feel of exceptional quality – from open to close.

SK_Showroom-064Drawer Selection

As well as using the highest quality materials and practices, we aim to offer our customers great variety and creative possibilities. Alongside our standard designs we also offer a selection of what we call Interesting Drawers. These drawers are made using offcuts of hardwood from a company interestingly named Interesting Timbers (
These drawers utilise the wood’s natural aesthetics and by leaving them bare they add a unique character and charm to a kitchen design. In this photo the woods fronting the drawers from top to bottom are: Elm, Sycamore and Yew.

If you’d like any further information about our drawers please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as:


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