Solid wood vs. chipboard kitchens: which should you choose?
Rockhouse Barn conversion Shaker Kitchen with built in angled under stair shelving cabinet


When you’re designing your new kitchen, the choice of materials is key. Here at Sustainable Kitchens we love to create furniture using only the best, ethically sourced sustainable materials, and our solid wood kitchens will last you a lifetime.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful kitchen cabinet crafted from solid wood. The warmth of the material lifts the room and each unit is naturally unique, with its own grain pattern and finish.

As always, the environment is at the forefront of our mind. We only use timber that is deemed to be ethical and carries certification from either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Our cabinet carcasses are made from birch plywood, the cabinet and door frames from solid oak and door panels from birch plywood, all harvested from sustainable sources.

Take a look in our portfolio to get a feel for the high quality designs that we offer. Better yet; come and visit our showroom in Bristol to see our beautiful kitchens in situ. There’s no substitute for feeling the smooth grain of our solid wood cabinets to understand the quality we provide.

Why solid wood?

As you can tell, we’re quite passionate about this subject!

We have a wealth of knowledge that we’d love to share with you if you’re considering a solid wood kitchen, so here’s a run-down of the whys and wherefores of this beautiful furniture style.

Scandinavian Woodland Kitchen with large centre island and white quartz worktop

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Timeless design

Solid wood lends itself to both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. A chat with our friendly design team will guide, lead and inspire you through the process of planning your own perfect bespoke kitchen. Whether it’s timeless Shaker or modern flat-panel style, a solid wood kitchen will fit perfectly into your home.

Lasting durability

Solid wood is exactly that: solid. This is a material that will last through the wear and tear that inevitably happens in a modern family home.

This is furniture that’s built to last and your initial investment in quality will pay dividends in the years to come.

If your kitchen does have a mishap (sometimes, life happens…), then don’t worry; you can easily get it refinished thanks to our hand painting and retouch service.

Cotswold Chapel Kitchen with Oak crates and bespoke floating shelf with LED lighting

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The ‘come on in’ feel

Wood is a natural, warm material and a kitchen built from solid wood encapsulates those values in your home.

Solid wood kitchens evoke a welcoming, inviting feel which is perfect for eating and entertaining with friends and family. The grain patterns of the wood in your cabinets is almost like artwork. What could make a better centrepiece for your home?

A Beautiful Open Plan Barn Conversion with large kitchen centre island and glazed display cabinets

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Are there any downsides?

As passionate as we are about solid wood at Sustainable Kitchens, we always like to give both sides of the debate. Are there any disadvantages to installing a solid wood kitchen?

Naturally, because you’re using a high quality and desirable material, you’ll find that solid wood kitchens are more expensive than man-made alternatives.

The likes of chipboard and cheaper materials will get you a kitchen quickly and cheaply, but you may soon find that you’ll need to replace it before too long. That’s not just bad news for your bank account; it’s worse for the environment, too.

Similarly, a solid wood kitchen doesn’t score quite so highly on delivery timescales when compared with a prefabricated flat-pack kitchen.

If you’d like a fully bespoke kitchen built to your own specifications then chances are that there will be a longer wait for your furniture to be ready.

The pay-off is the result though, as a pre-fab kitchen will never match the fit and feel of a solid wood handmade option.

While wood is a durable and flexible material, it will need some care to keep it in top condition. You might need to invest in some specialised cleaning products to care for your kitchen, as some off the shelf bottles can cause serious damage to certain types of wood or finishes.

At Sustainable Kitchens we’ll be able to provide a whole host of advice on how to care for your kitchen so it remains just as perfect as the day it was installed.

In fact, fully painted kitchens are incredibly easy to keep clean. A bowl of warm, soapy water will be all that you need to remove any mess or grime.

Finally it’s important to think about the features that you’d like to be incorporated into your kitchen.

Underfloor heating is a popular feature, but it needs to be implemented with care. Be as communicative with our Designers as possible. They understand the necessary requirements and will make sure all of these details are taken care of.

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Why choose us to build your solid wood kitchen?

Every type of wood has a different and unique grain which is dictated by the species of tree, the speed of growth and more. Almost always, birch is the perfect choice for our cabinet frames, due to its complex grain style and durability. We’ll always talk through the options that are most suitable for your space. 

Similarly, birch and oak are a great choice for our doors and panels because of their beautiful patterning and great workability.

By maintaining this high level of quality we can guarantee that you’ll have a great fitting, hard-wearing kitchen that you can enjoy for years to come.

Solid Wood Kitchens from Sustainable Kitchens

With our passion for high quality design and our commitment to sustainability, it makes sense to talk to us at Sustainable Kitchens about your next project.

Drop our friendly team a line at [email protected] or pop in to our workshop for a guided tour and a chance to see how beautiful your new kitchen could be.