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Solid Wood Kitchens: What are the Benefits?

When you’re designing your new kitchen, the choice of materials is key. Here at Sustainable Kitchens, we love to create furniture using only the best, ethically sourced sustainable materials. Our solid wood kitchens will last you a lifetime.

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully crafted solid wood kitchen cabinet. The warmth of the material lifts the room and each unit is naturally unique, with its grain pattern and finish.

As always, the environment is at the forefront of our minds. For our worktops and joinery, we only use timber that is deemed to be ethical and carries certification from either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.


Farmhouse Kitchen - Country kitchen in Wales with blue shaker cabinets and wooden freestanding island

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Our cabinet carcasses are made from birch plywood, and the cabinet and door frames are from either solid oak timber, tulipwood, or Medite, all harvested from sustainable sources.

Take a look at our portfolio to get a feel for the high-quality solid timber kitchen unit designs and the solid oak kitchens that we offer. Better yet, visit our Bristol showroom to see our beautiful wood kitchens in situ. There’s no substitute for feeling the smooth grain of our solid wood cabinets to understand the quality we provide.

Why solid wood?

We are passionate about solid wood, from its design to its longevity, solid wood is the perfect material for crafting a robust kitchen that will stand the test of time. 

Solid wood is exactly that: solid. This material will last through the wear and tear, which inevitably happens in a modern family home. The sturdiness of a wooden kitchen cabinet and wooden kitchen cupboards will keep all of your kitchenware safe. 

This is furniture that’s built to last. Your initial investment in quality, a kitchen with solid wood, will pay dividends in the years to come.

Solid wood lends itself to both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. A chat with our friendly design team will guide, lead and inspire you through the process of planning your own perfect bespoke solid timber kitchen cabinets, unit or worktop. Whether it’s a timeless Shaker kitchen or a modern flat-panel style, a solid wood kitchen will fit perfectly into your home.

Country Kitchen - Farrow and ball green smoke with island

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The natural warmth of solid wood

Wood is a natural, warm material and a kitchen built from solid wood encapsulates those values in your home.

Solid wood kitchens evoke a welcoming, inviting feel which is perfect for eating and entertaining with friends and family. The grain patterns in your solid wood kitchen cabinets and cupboards are almost like artwork. What could make a better centrepiece for your home than a kitchen with solid wood?

shaker kitchen

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What are the disadvantages of solid wood kitchens?

As passionate as we are about solid wood kitchens at Sustainable Kitchens, we always like to give both sides of the debate. Are there any disadvantages to installing a solid wood kitchen?

Naturally, because you’re using a high-quality and desirable material, you’ll find that solid wood kitchens are more expensive than man-made alternatives.

The likes of chipboard and cheaper materials will get you a kitchen quickly and cheaply, but you may soon find that you’ll need to replace it before too long. That’s not just bad news for your bank account; it’s worse for the environment, too.

Similarly, a solid wood kitchen doesn’t score quite so highly on delivery timescales when compared with a prefabricated flat-pack kitchen.

If you’d like a fully bespoke kitchen built to your specifications then chances are that there will be a longer wait for your furniture to be ready.

However, the payoff is worth the wait for a solid wood kitchen, as a pre-fab kitchen will never match the fit and feel of a handmade option.

Solid wood kitchen maintenance

While wood is a durable and flexible material, it will need some care to keep it in top condition. You might need to invest in some specialised cleaning products to care for your solid wood kitchen cabinets. Some off-the-shelf bottles can cause serious damage to certain types of wood or finishes.

At Sustainable Kitchens we’ll be able to provide a whole host of advice on how to care for wood kitchens so yours remains just as perfect as the day it was installed.

Fully painted wood kitchens are incredibly easy to keep clean. A bowl of warm, soapy water will be all that you need to remove any mess or grime.

Finally, it’s important to think about the features that you’d like to be incorporated into your solid wood kitchen.

Underfloor heating is a popular feature, but it needs to be implemented with care. Be as communicative with our designers as possible. They understand the requirements and will make sure all of these details are taken care of to ensure your solid wood kitchen will last.

rectorary renovation - oak veneer cabinets and concrete worktop

Why choose us to build your solid wood kitchen?

Every type of wood has a different and unique grain which is dictated by the species of tree, the speed of growth and more. Almost always, birch is the perfect choice for our cabinet frames, due to its complex grain style and durability. We’ll always talk through the options that are most suitable for your space. 

Similarly, birch and oak are a great choice for our doors and panels because of their beautiful patterning and great workability.

By maintaining this high level of quality we can guarantee that you’ll have great fitting, hard-wearing solid wood kitchen cabinets and worktops that you can enjoy for years to come.

Lindsay Lillie
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I’m so glad that I chose Sustainable Kitchens for my new kitchen. They are a great team of people to work with with a great ethos of sustainability underpinning the whole company. The design process with Sam was a pleasure and I am so delighted with the end result. My new kitchen is exactly what I wanted it to be — stylish, functional, unique and a wonderful place to be. I recommend Sustainable Kitchens wholeheartedly.
Ian Chapman
Read More
A great experience! Really open and friendly team that made the process exciting not daunting. Sam understood what we wanted and got the design perfect. Gianluca fitted it perfectly and Zoe was awesome to work with. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the workshop getting to see all the tools, care and attention that goes into creating beautiful kitchens. Would recommend to anyone!
Nicola Pocock
Read More
Our kitchen from Sustainable Kitchens has been a complete triumph and has exceeded our expectations for the lift it has given to the whole house! Every member of the team was friendly, professional, reassuring and happy to answer any number of questions. It really couldn’t have been a smoother and easier journey and we absolutely love the end result!
David Cole
Read More
We love our kitchen and really appreciate the effort Sustainable Kitchens put in to the design and execution. They are also very quick to respond to any questions and queries – even after the project has finished and account closed – great aftercare service! Top marks.
Julie Hitchcock
Read More
We are delighted with the quality of our Sustainable Kitchen. Sam and the team guided us through the design process, really listening to what we hoped to achieve. They were very flexible in the face of our shifting building schedule and the fitting and painting team did a superb job. We should never need a new kitchen, but if we did, we wouldn’t hesitate to call on Sustainable Kitchens.
Laura Brocklesbery
Read More
Highly recommend Sustainable Kitchens. We are so happy with our new kitchen. It is made to a beautiful quality, all custom made and fitting perfectly. From the design process through to the final product Sustainable Kitchen were professional, responsive, and really helpful in making our kitchen a reality.
Emma Bent
Read More
Would recommend Sustainable Kitchens without reservation. Sam's design knowledge and skills set us up for the workshop and fitting team to provide us with a kitchen that has fulfilled all of our 'want' as well as 'need' list. Thank you!
Chris Booth
Read More
I cannot praise Sustainable Kitchens highly enough for the fantastic quality of the kitchen they made and installed for us.
Hannah Family
Read More
I can highly recommend Sustainable Kitchens they are such a lovely team to work with and their kitchens are beautiful. An added bonus is being able to see their workshop and the cabinets being made so you can see the quality of their work.
Abigail Whitten
Read More
Sustainable Kitchens supplied exquisite, fully custom built kitchen cabinetry. We hoped for a 'forever' kitchen and weren't disappointed. Every part is beautifully constructed and finished. Absolutely no shortcuts taken. Really delighted.
Rebecca Simms
Read More
The service from Sustainable Kitchens was first class from the initial design stage right through to the installation of my bespoke handmade kitchen. A year on I am still loving it!
Catherine Launder
Read More
Couldn’t be more pleased with Sustainable Kitchens. They respected our very specific requirements, contributed some helpful suggestions, came exactly when promised and did precisely what was agreed. They completed even earlier than the time scheduled, were clean and efficient and did a perfect job – we’ve never had such a good installation experience and we’ve had plenty!
Joyce Fulton
Read More
Our new kitchen is beautiful. The quality of workmanship is outstanding and it is everything we asked Sustainable Kitchens to do. Their understanding of how we wanted the kitchen to look was pitch perfect and their guidance throughout the process was constant and really supportive. One hundred percent recommend this vibrant young company.
Simon Muriel
Read More
Kitchen supplies. Impeccable craftsmanship. Great ethos. Very pleased.


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