Birch Plywood kitchen cabinets


Understanding the materials that make up your kitchen cabinetry is a desired first step when choosing a kitchen that will inevitably be your household companion for a long time. But which are the best kitchen cabinet materials? From oak to plywood kitchen cabinets, there is so much to consider. At Sustainable Kitchens we have two important demands: our choice must be sustainable (of course), but also, with great importance, it must be strong.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Materials

The strong, beautiful and timeless wood we work with is Oak, considered by many to be the best timber for kitchen cabinets. We build our cabinet doors and frames from solid American White Oak 25mm thick with a 30mm tenon. Oak offers a beautiful, warm palette and you can paint it any colour you want to match the aesthetics of the rest of the house. Authentic oak is an excellent option for enhancing traditional kitchens with solid materials. And if you prefer modern kitchens, the visual variety of oak wood will add a special touch to a modern space.

The strength of oak far surpasses that of its close rivals in the kitchen business. Poplar, which is a type of hardwood made from tulip poplar wood, doors and frames are favoured by almost all high-end kitchen companies. However, over time, you can see the effects of the wood’s low density, where screws tend to loosen all too often, and dents and scratches start to surface. Not only is oak durable, but it’s also aesthetically distinctive, with the grain showing through any finish, giving a luxury feel that retails the charm of the timber beneath.

L shape contemporary minimalist kitchen with hidden draw units

Kitchen Cabinet Carcasses

We know doors and frames need a robust carcass. For this reason, we chose high-grade plywood with 13 layers of Birch glued together in opposite directions. This resulted in a strong and stable board that will not sag, swell or crack over the years. Fibreboard and MDF are popular choices in the industry, however, are inferior options, as these materials struggle beneath the consistent weight. Another disadvantage is that they absorb moisture, which changes the overall structure over time.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Once a kitchen is lovingly shaped and crafted by hand, it’s owed a personalised farewell. Hand painting a kitchen provides a traditional touch to a craft that has an established history. The depth of colour is charming, with each delicately textured brush stroke creating a story that a machine simply cannot recreate. The beauty of this process goes beyond the here and now too, with a hand-painted kitchen any repaints or touch-ups, blending in effortlessly in an instant.

Want to know more about the best timber for kitchen cabinets, or have any questions about the materials that we use at Sustainable Kitchens? Get in touch with the team and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

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