A Beautiful Open Plan Barn Conversion with large kitchen centre island and painted Shaker cabinets in Farrow & Ball Moles Breath


5 Grey Kitchen Ideas

Grey kitchens have been a firm design staple for years, particularly in contemporary design. This sophisticated colour offers plenty of neutral allure, providing the perfect canvas to get creative with contrasting colours, materials, and accessories.

Whilst some argue that grey is a cold colour, we disagree! Grey can bring warmth and character to a kitchen, especially when it is balanced with warmer materials used for the worktops and accessories.

Its versatility means you can experiment with different styles if you ever grow tired of your current space. You can be free to change the colours of the walls or furniture, knowing that grey will match a wide selection of colours, helping you breathe new life into your kitchen without having to replace the entire room.

What’s more, grey is an incredibly forgiving colour and can hide a myriad of dirt and stains, especially if it’s a darker shade, making it the perfect colour to hide grubby hand prints if you have young ones running about.

With so many beautiful shades of grey to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favourite grey kitchen projects, ranging from traditional to contemporary, to inspire you and showcase the wonderful charm of a grey kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Ideas

1. Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen

Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen London - Scree Little Greene

Our Dark Grey Shaker project showcases how grey can help to blend design styles. The dark grey shade of Scree, by Little Greene, transforms this traditional shaker kitchen into a contemporary space with the help of Arenastone quartz worktops and industrial kitchen island light shades. The greenery which fills this room brings this space to life.

The deep shade pairs perfectly with the warm wood flooring creating an inviting and timeless space.

2. Open Barn Conversion

A Beautiful Open Plan Barn Conversion with large curved centre island and integrated Meile ovens

For those wanting to capture the charm of a traditional kitchen, grey is the perfect colour to create a cosy atmosphere. The grey used in our Open Barn Conversion project, Moles Breath by Farrow & Ball, has a wonderfully rich earthiness to it. This smoky shade is the perfect match for the marble worktop and timber features, creating a harmonious contrast of materials. The organic shades and materials channel nature which brings a sense of calmness.

3. Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen - Shaker kitchen with wooden island and drawer details

Opting for a lighter shade of grey allows you to really get creative by mixing and matching materials and colours. In our Cottage Kitchen, the grey lower cabinets are almost white in colour, providing the perfect neutral base to experiment with a variety of shades and materials. Here, we contrasted the cabinets with warm oak drawers and shelving. The large kitchen island acts as the hub of this space with the bespoke steel extractor fan transforming this traditional shaker kitchen into an industrial one.

4. Fenix Kitchen

Fenix Kitchen Bristol - Shade Castor Ottawa with oak details and freestanding island

Contemporary kitchens champion new and innovative materials with a focus on sustainability and longevity. Our Fenix Kitchen combines oak, Fenix, and Richlite to create a unique contemporary kitchen that oozes elegance.

Fenix, which is used for the front of the cabinets, is a carbon-neutral material and is soft to the touch. This cool shade is balanced with the warming tones of oak creating an effortlessly serene environment.

Richlite, which is used for the top layer of the bespoke dining table, is a robust material made entirely from recycled paper with an ebony-like feel.

5. Manor Farm Kitchen

converted barn kitchen

Using a light shade of grey can amplify the natural light in your kitchen, it reflects the light and helps to make your room feel bright and airy. Our Manor Farm project sits in a recently renovated farmhouse. Once upon a time, this kitchen was dark and dingy and had only a single tiny window where light could get in. Now, the space has been transformed with large floor-to-ceiling windows where light comes flooding through. We kept the large kitchen island in neutral shades of grey to enhance that light, keeping the space clean and crisp.


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