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6 Kitchen lighting ideas to illuminate your home

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important features of a home. Lighting is a powerful tool which can change the mood and feel of your space, helping to create an environment that suits your home.

Using the right types of kitchen lighting is crucial to capturing the right aesthetic and functionality. Placement and style is a difficult task as it is, and that’s before you take into consideration the differing levels of natural light that will shine on certain areas throughout the day.

Kitchen Lighting Placement ideas

Placement is key to achieving the perfect kitchen lighting. Certain types of home lighting help to illuminate the walls and ceilings, giving the illusion that they’re bigger or smaller, depending on how they’re placed. Wall lights can add length and size to an entry hall, as well as act as a guide for the flow of the home.

There are several types of kitchen lighting placements which can be used to create your desired aesthetic and mood. For us, there are 3 important placements – task, ambient, and accent.

Task lighting helps you to perform specific tasks like reading, preparing or cooking food, homework, working or simply using the laptop or computer.

Ambient lighting or mood lighting uses different tones and colours of light, as well as different levels of brightness, to influence the atmosphere of a room.

While accent lighting is used to draw the eye to plants, paintings, sculptures and other prize possessions. It can also be used to highlight the textures on walls.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1. Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is considered a work of art used to create a visual focal point in your kitchen, creating ambience and style as well as functionality.

Choosing the right design is important to creating a cohesive aesthetic. Statement lighting can be used to tie in elements to ensure your room flows, bringing in additional textures and materials to make your kitchen vibrant and unique.

There isn’t a creative limit to how elaborate you go with statement lighting design. For our Grey Shaker project, we created a bespoke suspended worktop plant display which surrounded pendant task lighting, transforming this lovely traditional shaker kitchen into a contemporary green utopia.

 2. Kitchen Spot Light

Spotlighting is one of the most commonly used lighting types in kitchens. With either recessed, wall, or track spotlights available, there are plenty of design choices to suit your aesthetic.

Recessed lights are a great option if you want to create a sleek, modern look in your kitchen as they can be installed in the ceiling and provide a lot of light without taking up any space and without having anything too obtrusive dangling down into a busy high-traffic area. Wall and track give you more opportunities to get creative with design.

You’ll need to determine the appropriate size and number of fixtures for your space – generally, the larger your kitchen, the more fixtures you’ll need to provide adequate light.

It’s also important to consider the spacing between fixtures to ensure even lighting throughout the room or follow the flow of the kitchen with the lights along the island and runs of cabinets, just remember to keep them neat!

 3. Colourful Lighting

Adding vibrancy and character, colourful kitchen lighting fixtures add a touch of personality to your kitchen. Colourful fixtures act as ambient lighting, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We love coloured glass globe pendant lighting, they provide enough light to illuminate your kitchen and add a soft subtle colour tint.

The Arts and Craft Kitchen with Integrated sink in Island with a Quooker tap

4. Linear Lighting

Track lighting is a versatile kitchen lighting option as the individual light fixtures can be adjusted to direct light where it’s needed most. This type of lighting is typically mounted on the ceiling and can be customised to fit your kitchen’s needs.

Using LED bulbs in your kitchen track lighting will reduce the electricity consumption and waste from constantly changing light bulbs.

rectorary renovation - longleat ash slatted island

5. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and are a popular choice particularly for kitchen islands or dining areas. They come in a range of styles and sizes, from small, understated lights to larger more dramatic designs.

Consider the level of brightness you need in your kitchen – if you need a lot of light for cooking or food preparation, choose pendants with higher light output or use multiple pendants.

Choose pendant lighting made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, like glass or metal, and give thought to the finish of the pendant, as it can affect the overall look of your kitchen.

Blue Plywood kitchen with Pendant lighting

6. Track lighting

Track lighting in a kitchen is a versatile option for kitchen lighting as the individual light fixtures can be adjusted to direct light where it’s needed most. This type of lighting is typically mounted on the ceiling and can be customised to fit the needs of your kitchen.

Using LED bulbs in your kitchen tracklighting will reduce the electricity consumption and waste from constantly changing lightbulbs.

Eco Extension Shaker Kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinetry, homeware displays, art deco chandelier and other industrial vintage lighting

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