The Cardiff Green Shaker Kitchen with everhot range cooker in white



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The Sustainable Kitchens showroom will soon feature the EVERHOT 100i and are proud to feature this fantastic product.

You can request a brochure through the EVERHOT website using this link.


Everhot 60The original EVERHOT that was created over 30 years ago. It is the only true heat storage range cooker available at this size. This extremely versatile range would be suited to a cosy kitchen environment. It brings the luxurious country feel directly into smaller spaces.

Regardless of its size, the EVERHOT 60 still punches above its weight and is equipped with two cast iron hotplates, two large ovens and a grill. It’s truly a product in a class of its own.

For more product specifications please follow this link.


Everhot 90The EVERHOT 90i and 90 plus are great for spaces where you want a focal range without it overwhelming your kitchen. It has all you need to prepare delicious meals and make your space warm and cosy in the winter months.

It is available in two guises; the 90i is equipped with two hotplates, two ovens, a grill and an induction hob. The 90 plus has an additional simmer plate, residing under its own lid.

For more product specifications please follow this link.




Everhot 100
The EVERHOT 100 has all the traditional style of a classic range cooker; its beautiful balanced design creates a phenomenal epicentre for any kitchen.

Behind the four cast iron doors lie three EVERHOT ovens, on the left-hand side roasting and casserole ovens, whilst behind the third buy generic lamisil terbinafinlies a useful plate-warming oven.

For more product specifications please follow this link.



Everhot 110
The EVERHOT 110 is the newest addition to the EVERHOT rang offering the best of both worlds: a large cooker for a smaller space.

Perfect for a smaller house whilst still providing the lavish feel that emanates from cooking on a range.

For more product specifications please follow this link.



Everhot 120The 120 Series offers unsurpassed flexibility for the modern cooking enthusiast.  If you consider yourself a master chef contender and want the ideal appliance to experiment on your tasting menu or you enjoy making your Sunday roast with a plethora of dishes then this range will be your new best friend.

The functionality is ideal for culinary aficionados with the aesthetic being the envy of every range lover, this is a truly spectacular range.

The 120 offers four ovens and four hotplates, each being independently controllable for maximum versatility. So you can have cakes in one oven, the roast vegetables in another, a joint in the third, plates warming in the fourth – with each section having their own controls which enable them to be at different temperatures.

For more product specifications please follow this link.



Everhot 150
This extravagant EVERHOT range offers the versatility of the 120 Series with more space offering even more opportunities to test the taste buds.

These are impressive cooking ranges in every sense and would not look out of place in the most distinguished of kitchens.

For more product specifications please follow this link.



EVERHOT and the environment

Not only does the EVERHOT series use less than half the energy of their traditional counterparts, but their production site is also run on green energy and is now carbon neutral. EVERHOT was conceived by a Gloucestershire mill owner who wanted to use the small amount of spare energy that he was generating with his water turbine.

The principle of conserving energy is at the core of EVERHOT’s design. EVERHOT also believe in local manufacturing and offsetting any damage their manufacturing processes cause. All the cookers are assembled in Gloucestershire and the parts are exclusively sourced from the UK and the energy they use is generated by their 25kw water turbine from 1978 that also powers the head office.

Their factory is a new BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) ‘Excellent’ rated building which has been further enhanced by the fitting of a 50kw solar array.

To make sure they account for any energy shortfall, in 2012, they planted 10,000 native trees on a 12-acre site within 1 mile of our factory. In March 2020, a further 12,500 trees were planted in a 14 acre site in Coaley. Their aim is to plant 50,000 native trees within close vicinity – we can genuinely say we are a carbon negative company by a considerable margin.

The Cardiff Green Shaker Kitchen with everhot range cooker in white

18th century manor house kitchen with Everhot electric range cooker and polished concrete worktop

Plywood Cottage Extension with everhot range, overlay plywood doors

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