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So you’ve decided you want a tiny kitchen. Or maybe, you already have a little kitchen space and want to make the most of it. What do you need to consider? Whether you’re dedicated to sustainability and reducing your environmental impact, opting for a minimalist design, or trying to save money a tiny kitchen can be the solution. You could be building a tiny house from scratch in order to become more self-sufficient or living in a tiny apartment in the heart of Hong Kong. Whatever your reason you will need to consider what works best for you, how to maximise your existing space, and how to get creative. Here are the most important things to consider when planning your tiny kitchen.

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Cooking in a Small Kitchen

Do you make a large feast every night and leave the washing up until morning? Are you living off of frozen pizza? (No judgement). Do you use your fridge or freezer to store most of your food? How often do you use your oven? These are all questions to consider when you’re trying to optimise your small kitchen space.

Choose a week and really notice what your cooking habits are like. This will help you decide whether you need a full refrigerator and freezer combo or if you can survive on a compact version. Small appliances will save more space than you believe, if you can live without a freezer don’t waste the space.

Do you need four elements or would two suffice? Is a dishwasher a must for you? Do you use a lot of counter space when preparing food? Consider buying compact appliances to free up space. Furthermore, compact appliances will help you save on your energy and water bills in the long run.

Storage in a Small Kitchen

Storage is an important consideration regardless of the size of your kitchen. What will you need to store? Kitchen utensils and appliances? Dry goods? How much counter space do you want to give up to storage? One trick that a lot of people with tiny spaces utilise is open shelves along the walls. Pots and pans can double up as decorative hanging wall art as well with hooks!

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This frees up counter space for preparation and cooking while creating a more open feel in the kitchen. This could also be the time to simplify your appliances down to the essentials. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the fruit dehydrator that’s collecting dust on your work surface. Get rid of items you haven’t used in the last two weeks.

Organisation & Planning

Organisation is your best friend in tiny kitchen. Seriously. Create a plan for where everything will go in your kitchen. This will seem daunting at first but once you create a blueprint for your tiny kitchen display and storage you can envision how everything will fit together.  

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After you allocate space for your essentials this will help you de-clutter your tiny kitchen and take ownership of your space again. Nothing feels better than things in their proper place.

Creative Solutions for Tiny Kitchens

Countless Pinterest boards are dedicated to creative solutions for tiny spaces. From covering your sink with a chopping board when not in use to coating your cabinets with chalkboard paint the possibilities are endless.

Get creative! Use the inside of your cabinets to hang kitchen utensils, cleaning products, or a spice rack. Use your wall space to mount baskets, hooks, shelves, and racks. Hang pots and pans, mugs, wine glasses and plants.

Figure out what you need and do your research. You’ll be surprised with how many helpful tips and hints are available online. People all over the world are simplifying their lives and choosing minimalism. They are choosing to downsize their life and adopt more sustainable practices. Regardless of the reason for this is a tiny trend that is here to stay.

We can design and build a bespoke kitchen in any size or shape. At Sustainable Kitchens our goal is to create beautiful and efficient kitchens that are cause no harm to our environment.

Colour Palettes for  Small Kitchens

In the bedroom light colours open up the room and give the illusion of a bigger room. This is also the case in small kitchen spaces. Baby pink, white, and pastels pull in light and give you more room to breathe, whereas deep colours are likely to make a space feel more boxy. 

The benefit of light coloured walls means that you can get creative with by adding in small pops of colour in your appliances. Furthermore, mirrors also work to make a small space appear larger. While mirrors in the kitchen are a personal preference, we believe they open up a small space beautifully by spreading light and giving the illusion of more space.

People are usually scared to use white walls in the kitchen because they’re prone to getting dirty. Yet, with white walls you can add colourful tiles or a hyper shine splashback to add some pops to your small kitchen.

We are driven to provide quality, long-lasting kitchens that are made to be used. Contact us to discuss any queries you may have about maximising your kitchen space. We also offer fitted storage that is sleek and resourceful. Our passion is building stunning kitchens while also caring for our environment.

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