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How to choose the right extractor fan for your kitchen

The preference for open-plan living isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. Multi-use spaces that combine the functionality of a kitchen, living room and dining room are the norm, but to do this properly, you’ll need to account for an extractor fan that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics.

With so many ventilation options and extractors for kitchens out there, we’ve selected some of the things to take into consideration to help you decide on the best one for your kitchen. Of course, if you’re having your kitchen design with Sustainable Kitchens, your designer will present you with the perfect options to suit your space (you can ask about this by emailing or phoning 0117 961 6471). 


As a general rule of thumb, we recommend going for a ducted extractor as they’re far more effective for ventilating your space. Ducted extractor fans work by taking the air from your kitchen and pumping it outside, effectively cleaning your air when cooking. With this in mind, it’ll need to be ducted to an external wall in order to work properly.

Depending on your home, fitting a ducted extractor might not be possible so the alternative is a recirculating fan. Recirculating extractors work by drawing in the air in your kitchen, the air will pass through a filter to remove grease and smoke, the purified air will then be pumped back into your kitchen, this process is repeated until the fan is turned off. This type of fan has dramatically improved over the years and is easier to fit as you don’t need to plan for ducting vents. Be aware that you’ll need to clean the filter every few months for it to remain effective.


By checking out the decibel rating, you’ll be able to work out how loud the extractor will be. Larger rooms will require a higher capacity extractor, but due to being more powerful, they can be a little noisier.


Extractors for kitchens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When deciding on the best extractor fan for your kitchen, you need to ask yourself: do you want your canopy to be understated, or would you rather have it as a focal point? Here are some examples of extractors we’ve included in our projects.

Ceiling Extractor

Handleless Plum Kitchen island with draws and bianco concretto

If your kitchen style is minimalist, then a ceiling extractor might be the best option to match your sleek aesthetic. The fan is less intrusive than other extractors as it is seamlessly fitted into the ceiling. Despite being more compact than other extractors, ceiling extractors can still offer powerful ventilation. This type of fan is ideal for placing over island hobs.

Statement extractor

Cottage Kitchen - large bespoke extractor fan

Statement extractor fans act as a center point in your kitchen and are available in a variety of eye-catching shapes and sizes. Choosing a statement fan can be your chance to have some fun with your kitchen; You might opt for a circular fan, a freestanding fan, or even an oversized fan – there are so many quirky and unique designs to choose from. For our Cottage Kitchen project, the kitchen island was the heart of the kitchen and our client opted for a bespoke stainless steel extractor fan that was just as grandeur as the island. Not only is this extractor powerful, but it also acts as a shelf for plants!

Downdraft extractor

The Bristol Richlite Kitchen - Downdraft Bora Extractor

Downdraft extractor fans have been popping up in kitchens everywhere. Its integrated design makes it ideal for smaller kitchens as you won’t have to worry about fitting a hefty extractor hood, they also fit perfectly within a kitchen island or peninsula. Downdraft fans are often fitted within the induction hob and draw steam, smoke, and grease into the system, either sending it out through an external vent or purifying the air and recirculating it back out, depending on what ventilation system you have. Appliance brand Bora is famous for its effective and powerful downdraft extractor fans and its modern and sleek design.

L shape contemporary kitchen with neff flex induction hob and siemens downdraft extractor

Other styles of downdraft extractor fans can include a popup extractor. When the hob is off, the fan sits discreetly behind the hob and cleverly pops up out of the worktop when needed. Ideal for kitchens with no overhead cabinetry. Ideal for kitchens with no overhead cabinetry. 

Wall mounted cooker hood

Granada Green Kitchen - ILVE Range cooker, pink walls and Westin cooker hood

A wall mounted extractor hood is a classic fan style and can vary in style and shape. Often made from stainless steel, this type of hood sits above your hob/cooker and, as the name suggests, is mounted to the wall. Often made in stainless steel, a wall-mounted hood can act as a focal point and can be a way to include different materials in your kitchen. Wall-mounted fans can be either ducted or recirculated depending on the placement of your cook. Best suited to range cookers to complete the look.

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