Give your used kitchen a new home with rehome

At Sustainable Kitchens, we believe your kitchen shouldn’t cost the earth. When opting for a sustainably made kitchen that is built to last, you may be stuck trying to figure out how you can get rid of your existing kitchen without it becoming landfill. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rehome, a UK-based organisation that specialises in marketing, selling, and dismantling perfectly good pre-loved kitchens to give them a second life.

Why Rehome?

Rehome, formerly known as Used Kitchen Exchange, was set up to sell used kitchens which still have plenty of life left in them, helping to reduce waste, deforestation, and carbon emissions. So far, Rehome customers have saved over 6,000 trees.

Rehome value, sell, and remove your usable pre-loved kitchens, helping to earn you some extra cash towards your new dream kitchen. Every used kitchen sold saves an average of 5,000 Kgs of carbon. According to Rehome, that’s the equivalent of a family of 4 being carbon-neutral for a year. 

How to sell your used kitchen with rehome

Have a kitchen that you want to sustainably remove? Selling your used kitchen with Rehome is simple, just fill out our dedicated Rehome submission form and a member of the team will be in touch to help you through the next steps.

Sustainable Kitchen customers can enjoy a comprehensive service with deals with every aspect of the Rehome sale. From photography and measurements to dismantling and delivery, sustainably removing and selling your kitchen couldn’t be easier.

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