Farmhouse Kitchen - Walk in Pantry and big chilli fridge


When our clients talk about a walk in larder, there’s a certain magic in their eyes and is often described as something from their childhood dreams. 

We’ve seen plenty of beautiful pantries and larders sitting within cabinet runs laced with spice racks, internal drawers and unique features. But perhaps since lockdown, creating an area separate from the kitchen to store dry goods whilst being a big enough space to prep food in is key in many kitchen renovations. A space to purposely house clutter to keep the rest of the kitchen tidy whilst storing enough food to ensure those weekly and fortnightly food shops last enabling us to live less day to day and shop more sustainably – Sounds ideal, right?

Whilst people have been renovating homes to stay in for longer, the ‘improve, don’t move’ ideation, creating open plan living has been key over the last few years to create a space big enough for all of the family to enjoy. Space to store tins, jars, crockery, mixers, microwaves, toasters, and kettles – All in all, keeping the mess on the rest of the kitchen worktops at bay.

You don’t necessarily need the  biggest space for a walk in larder, with cleverly designed rooms you may well be able to achieve the pantry cupboard of dreams. 

We’ve seen contemporary walk in larders to traditional country spaces and have rounded up for you below, a little snippet to encourage your imagination and of course, get in touch with us to design your dream larder.

Here they go… 

Manor Farm – Crittal glass walk in larder 

MANOR FARM KITCHEN - With walk in pantry in farrow and ball railings colour , aga range, and neff oven 3

Despite the incredibly breathtaking views, this walk-in pantry is the talking point of the kitchen, using the existing oak door which once separated the kitchen and the dining room to create a space big enough to prep food, bake in, store food and appliances to ultimately free up the rest of the kitchen, keeping it clutter-free. 

Perhaps it is down the view and the open plan space, that with the added storage space, you can shut the door on the mess and leave the rest of the kitchen calming and focus on that view… 

converted barn kitchen

And here’s what our clients thought… The pantry is fantastic, not only does it look great, the space is so well planned, with everything easy to find and it is large enough that I can prep food and bake cakes in there.”

Grand Shaker Kitchen – Frosted glass larder

Grand shaker kitchen with hidden pantry

A well-designed, boiler housing turned larder. Creating a ‘step’ in larder filled with plenty of goods, even the coffee machine! Nestled between a fridge freezer and a utility cupboard, this space blends in seamlessly with the grand Shaker doors, it’s almost like it’s hidden. 

The Rectory Kitchen – Walk in larder for baking 

The Rectory Kitchen Renovation with walk in pantry

In a complete renovation in an old rectory, this kitchen sits in the corner of an open-plan lounge and dining room. Whilst our client loved to cook, they also wanted to ensure that there is enough storage space to hide everything away. 

Whilst we designed low cabinetry with a large island and open shelving to allow the focus to remain on that striking shiplap wall, we designed the additional space to create a walk in larder big enough to bake, prep and store food along with an overflow of white good appliances. 

The walls are filled with open shelving as a way to put all jars bowls and goods on display whilst the opposite wall features built-in cabinetry with extra fridge space and a microwave – That screams Christmas day hosting to me!

The Rectory Kitchen Renovation walk in oantry with high shelves, oak worktop and additional fridge freezer

Planning a walk in larder

If our projects have inspired you and have your creative juices flowing, we have provided a starting point for thinking how to include walk in storage in your kitchen. 

Space for a larder

Obviously, with all kitchens designs, the more space the better but we understand that all spaces and configurations are different. If you are reconfiguring ground floor space, why not work with your kitchen designer to use pockets of space for a walk in larder or utility room for a larger additional storage space. Or opt for utilising corners of the room to close them off allowing space for the larder, just ensure that the rooms still feels open and light and becareful not to make the room feel dark and enclosed as a balance of form and function. 

Larder Internals

Depending on what you are hoping to gain from your walk in larder, understanding the internal configuration is key to achieving what you set out to. 

Whether the space will be used for storage overflow, then open shelving can create a space thats easy to see what you have and don’t, as we all know those tins can sometimes get lost in the back of a cupboard until way past expiry dates. Kilner jars are a thing of beauty that allow you to see when you are running low and stock needs replenishing. 

If you are hoping to be able to prep food and bake, then worktop space will be key. Rather than focussing on storage, focus on table top space. 

Or have a growing family and thinking along the lines of additional refrigeration, then include cabinets in your walk in larder to both hide them away.



Whether it’s hidden away or a feature of beauty, the visuals are equally as important to get right. The options of Shaker doors, glass crittal doors, reeded or opaque, sliding doors or pocket doors, even ditching the doors like the below is an option for a traditional farmhouse style with everything on show. 

Farmhouse Kitchen - walk in pantry with open shelving

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