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Sustainable Kitchens - Tree Planting with Avon Needs Trees

Sustainable Kitchens plant a tree for each manufactured kitchen. We partner with tree planting charities who aim to replant land through rewilding to help capture CO2 and enhance biodiversity. 

This month, we took our boots and gloves down to Avon Needs Tree’s new site at Stanley Lane. It is a 6 hectare site near Chippenham and Calne. At present, the land is mostly pasture with the aim to transform in to a wonderfully biodiverse habitat by planting native species to increase our national tree cover, to fight climate change and halt biodiversity loss. 

Planting trees helps take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and protects the valuable soil beneath as a step towards helping climate change. Additionally, the wild forest will also provide a home for many animals enhancing biodiversity whilst providing natural flood management and protects our water quality. 

Rewilding Trees
Rewilding Avon
Tree Planted for every kitchen

The rewilding Process; 

Step 1 

Create a t-shape in the ground as the plot for the new tree or shrub.

Step 2

After dipping the roots in water to ensure that there is moisture before planting, tuck all roots into the ground and into the hole dug. 

Step 3

Closing back up the hole with the new plant in, the plot must be stamped and tightly packed to ensure that there is no air trapped by the roots. 

Step 4

To give the tree support, large wooden supports are used to give the tree the best chance of survival. A biodegradable mat then surrounds the tree and stump to kill the grass and protect the tree, this is attached by using bamboo pegs. 

Step 5

Biodegradable guards are used to protect the growing tree, particularly from deers until the tree gets big enough to survive alone. 

Step 6

Avon Needs Trees run a continuous programme to check on the plantation and upkeep the surroundings. 

They have rigorous forest plans for different species to best mini a natural wildland. 

The likes of Oak trees, Alderbuckthorn, Dogwood and hooly are all planted in specific spots for the best chance of survival to help the overall goal of creating space for nature to survive to reduce CO2. 

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