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We have been desperately trying to reduce the need and use of plastic in our kitchens to be better for the environment. 

The one sticking point we had has always been the plastic feet – They are sturdy, easily adjustable and trustworthy so we know our kitchens aren’t going anywhere, they will always be straight and level. 

We have recently been innovating for replacements that reduce the need for plastic and a more sustainable option. 

We’ve developed a solution making plinth boxes out of birch plywood using leftover materials from the carcasses paired with little metal feel that can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.  

It’s revolutionary! 

Not only does it minimise the amount of waste by reusing leftover materials, but they are much more robust splitting the weight out evenly and allows us to adjust the plinths before placing the cabinets on top. 

It will also make it much easier should you move house or want to switch things around to remove any cabinets. 


kitchen details
kitchen details
kitchen details
kitchen details

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