plywood offcuts


As a sustainable company, waste is a huge part of what we stand for, with the idea that less waste is best. 

With carefully cutting lists, we aim to keep out waste to a minimal amount, and what is wasted we reuse for items such as plinth boxes (which reduced the need for plastic in our kitchens) handles and kickboards. 

We also heat the workshop in the cold winter months with offcuts from our kitchens – Read more in our sustainability policy here


We have recently partnered with Brandon Trust, a charity that supports people with learning disabilities. They run their enterprise from Elm Tree Farm in Stapleton where they grow a variety of produce using organic methods to sell at the far shop. 

They employ over 50 people with learning disabilities and autism who all work at the farm. 


They have a dedicated project, the Greenfields project, which offers older people opportunities to get involved in a variety of gardening and crafts. They made items using recycled wood and plywood to make products such as planting boxes, bird boxes, bee and bug hotels – Also to be sold at the Farm Shop.  


Brandon Trust and the Greenfield Project have made the below items out of our plywood offcuts, all to be sold at their Farm Shop. 


Take a look through the below, and find them here to take a visit to see their beautiful Farm Shop in Stapleton. 


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