MANOR FARM KITCHEN - with reclaimed dining table and chairs


The farmhouse kitchen is a classic look that’s charming, calming and inviting. 

Farmhouse kitchens invokes feelings of nostalgia and a sense of cosiness and warmth. A rustic charm with a fresh and relaxed feel. Usually suited to older properties and barn conversions, with a rustic country feeling.  

This classic style embodies a welcoming space for creating delicious food and large social gatherings. Designed to give you more prep space and storage without compromising on style. The feel is certainly not minimalist, but cosy and lived in. The vibe is relaxed and informal rather than elegant and sleek with an effortless rustic feel. There will be a celebration of characterful features which can be recreated in any style of property, whether modern or traditional. 

converted barn kitchen


What is a Farmhouse Kitchen?

The perfect farmhouse will be a welcoming environment with plenty of functional space for cooking, prepping and socialising. There will be ample worktop space with an abundance of cabinets and shelving.

Usually, traditional classic kitchens will be best suited to a Shaker-style kitchen. A style that embodies the craftsmanship and exquisitely detailed joinery with a framed door and centre panel.

It can be a mixture of styles, traditional with modern elements, a beautiful stone worktop can be a gorgeous modern addition. In the past, a traditional farmhouse would have a large table in the middle that would be used for anything and everything. If space permits, a large rustic wooden table can be recreated with a large island or reclaimed table for everything from prepping to entertaining. 

Example of Farmhouse Kitchen 

Take a look at this project, this renovation was to a small farmhouse in Wales, which has been extended and opened out into the most fabulous space. A Shaker kitchen in all of its glory complete with a freestanding island, designed using Ash to mimic the classic prep table once seen in Farmhouse kitchens. 

Organised clutter is welcome! In the form of glass jars full of pantry items such as dried pasta or biscuits, perhaps on a beautiful chunky wooden shelf. Take a look at the open pantry for example, rather than hiding away jars and bottles, the pantry was left open to display the lot! Effortlessly chic (even with the bottle of 100% pain on display!)

Get the Farmhouse kitchen look

There are many gorgeous elements that can be incorporated in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, think natural materials like exposed wood, shaker-style cabinetry and a soft colour palette. A careful alignment of tone, style and colour can capture the essence of the farmhouse. Usually seen in subtle shades of neutrals, greens or blues. 

Almost any colour scheme can work in this informal environment, whilst maintaining the traditional farmhouse style. Create a light airy feel by encouraging the light to flow as much as possible in an open and inviting space. We’ve seen yellow Shaker kitchens to the brightest of pinks – Certainly a style that can also be as playful as you like. 

Farmhouses are traditionally have low ceilings so kitchen design is key. Using low cabinets keeps the space from feeling overwhelming in older properties, utilising the island and pantry for additional storage. 

But don’t get me wrong, farmhouse-style kitchens don’t have to be in old buildings. Think New York flats and LA beach pads, anywhere looking to create timelessness with homely feelings. 


Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

In keeping with an informal and natural look, a glazed dresser can be a great addition with carefully selected items to display that enhance the farmhouse look. From displaying kilner jars to the finest china, anything on display adds to the rustic and lived in feel of a Farmhouse kitchen.

A key feature of the farmhouse is creating an inviting environment where everyone can gather around a central focal point such as a kitchen island, large butchers block or a large rustic dining table. From light ash wood to the darkest walnut, consider vintage pieces or bespoke to get the look. 

Green Shaker Kitchen with farmhouse table and shaws classic Belfast Sink. jpg

Open shelving with interesting and aesthetically pleasing pieces that compliment the farmhouse feel – Chunky rustic shelving looks great in both the classic and modern farmhouse, and having sets of colourful dishes and bowls on display can add a beautiful pop of colour. 

The farmhouse larder – Traditional larders have been wildly popular recently, and the larder is certainly integral to any farmhouse kitchen. Think of shelves filled with jams, chutneys and preserves. Whether it’s open, closed or walk-in, the farmhouse larder can be bespoke to your home and storage needs.

When it comes to appliances, the cooker should be a focal point and at the heart of the kitchen, a traditional range cooker would be the perfect addition for this. Opt for an Everhot, a sustainably led company powered by wind turbines in a carbon-negative factory in the Cotswolds. 

18th century manor house kitchen with tongue and groove end panels, concrete worktop and Everhot range cooker

Then there is the farmhouse sink – the larger and deeper the better! In years gone by this would have been for everything from cleaning dishes, and washing clothes to baths for small children. Now in a modern farmhouse, a beautiful white butler’s sink will recreate this look perfectly whilst being an integral part of the aesthetic. Opt for a shaws classic belfast sink to complete the look. 

Cotswold Chapel Kitchen with belfast sink and bibcock taps

Want to achieve the farmhouse style kitchen and not sure where to start? Get in touch with our kitchen designers to work through your space and provide the inspiration to get your project moving.

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