Plywood Kitchens

Pegboard Plywood Kitchen with concrete worktop


Handmade Birch Plywood Kitchens

We pride ourselves on the unique designs of our plywood kitchen cabinets and worktops. The minimalist style, beautifully exposed layers and modern quality all make plywood kitchens a popular choice.

We use birch plywood for all of our kitchen carcasses no matter what the style due to the quality and strength of the material. As well as its tough qualities, the layers leave a stunning edge we are integrating into our designs.

Undoubtedly, when you’re researching design options for your new kitchen, you’ll have come across plenty of aspirational examples. Pinterest repeatedly puts out research to map the growing popularity of this style.

Why a birch plywood kitchen?

Plywood is created through a number of thin veneers that are glued together with their grains rotated on an alternating basis, by 90 degrees each time.

This style of construction allows for superior strength and structure, making it the perfect material for your kitchen cabinets and furniture. Plywood can be made from softwood and hardwood, ours is sourced from sustainable Birch lumber.

Our kitchens are given a 30-year guarantee (10 with our Honest Kitchens range) and we have the birch plywood carcass to thank. When compared with the high-street MDF alternatives, Plywood is easier to work with and creates a much more beautiful space that will withstand everyday use and last you for many years to come.

As opposed to a traditional Shaker Kitchen, our birch plywood kitchens are finished in a flat panel style, creating a minimalist contemporary feel for those looking for a kitchen a little more modern.

We’ve selected this material for its sturdy properties, as well as its beautiful, natural grain. Our ethos is to always provide the highest quality kitchens, made using the best materials, presented at the highest standard.

Your plywood kitchen, your design

When using plywood, you’ll be able to craft a more playful look. If you’re after a hand-painted finish, we can work with you to mix and match a colourful blend of exposed woodwork and quality paints. Whether it’s a dark shade to contrast against the exposed wood edges, or light paint to create a serene calming effect and compliment the light wood.  

The beauty of the hand painting is that you can update the colour at any point.

We’ve made the choice to specialise our plywood kitchens to be in-frame as we believe that this creates a longer-lasting product overall, that in an overlay style we can’t use the same high-quality fixtures and fittings that we can with an in-frame one. It also allows you to see the doors framed with the beautiful carcass birch ply layering showing the solid wood kitchens in all their glory. 

Our team of talented kitchen designers and cabinet makers will put forward new ideas and guide you though the design of your plywood kitchen cabinets and plywood kitchen worktops.

Honest Kitchens Plywood

Our Honest Kitchens Plywood range is a self-install, customisable approach with the production engineering pre-done to make the range more affordable than the bespoke.

The cabinets can be adjusted to any width to fit within your space.

The range starts from around £10,000 for the cabinetry, we can help customise your kitchen with appliances and worktops but would see you sourcing your own installer. Our Honest Kitchens ranges are designed for an easy install with a set back plinth.

Bespoke Plywood Kitchen

Our Bespoke and Concept range of plywood kitchens can be a little more out of the box.

With these ranges, we manage the whole process, including R&D of your chosen material and will install.

Take a look at our Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen below, a concept design using new material on an architectural remodel in Manchester, UK.

Douglas Fir Plywood, with the same quality properties and core, with a more pronounced grain.

Douglas Fir Plywood Kitchen with white walls and polished concrete floor Sustainable Kitchens

Get in touch with us to discuss your plywood kitchen ideas and watch whilst we bring them to life!

Looking for a bespoke plywood kitchen? Drop our friendly team a line at, visit us in our Bristol showroom or give us a call on 0117 325 4392 to hear more.