Green industrial galley kitchen with marble and Oak worktop


Making The Most Out Of Your Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens, named for the layout of a ship kitchen, continue to be a popular choice in kitchen designs. They are designed to maximise space for food prep and storage while making the most of a small or compact area. While the typical U-shaped double galley with two parallel counters is the most popular choice it can also create problems if not designed correctly. Here are some tips to make the most of your galley kitchen:

Shelving vs Cabinets

The eternal battle: shelves or cabinets? For a galley kitchen space and light are big considerations. One way to add a lighter more airy feeling is to opt for open shelving. The lack of big bulky cabinets allows light to circulate more freely. If you do choose to have cabinets you can choose to have glazed cabinets with glass fronts. This will help reflect light around the kitchen.


Colour is an important decision for every aspect of your home but in a galley kitchen, it’s crucial. Having a light-coloured kitchen increases the feeling of space in terms of room and dimension. Choosing dark colours will only make the space feel smaller and confined.


One easy way to increase the feeling of light and space is to keep can you buy lamisil cream over the counter your counters clutter-free. The more items you have tucked away the more room you will have to breathe. Plus it will be easier to maintain on a daily basis!

Additional Lighting

Avoid shadows by adding extra lighting below cabinets like an LED strip or downlight. This will go a long way to brightening the space especially if natural light is lacking. Getting proper lighting from above is also important so spend a little extra to get lights that will work for the whole room. It makes sense to have the right amount of lighting especially when cooking.

Designing From Scratch

If you’re lucky enough to be designing your own kitchen from scratch and have decided on a galley kitchen there are a few things to consider. With some clever design, you can include a peninsula or breakfast bar for seating as in the above photo. No space is too small if you get creative! Another thing to consider is whether your galley kitchen opens at both ends or just one. Having two openings will allow light to pass through creating more space.


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