Granada Green Kitchen - Pink and green kitchen with Corian glacier white worktop


The flat panel style of cabinets is sleek, contemporary and stylish. It suits people who are looking for a clean, modern look with a simple aesthetic in their kitchens, and they are perfect for modern, contemporary kitchens. There are a few different handle options to consider when deciding on a flat panel style.

Here is a simple breakdown of the various handle options available for flat panel cabinets:




Handleless cabinets


Honest Kitchens flat panel kitchen with quartz stone culture worktop

Handleless cabinets have a recess behind the doors which you can put your fingers in to pull forward. They are perfect for a streamlined look. As you only need to grab the back of the door there won’t be any fingerprints or dirt on the front. The clutter-free look that you can achieve with this type of cabinet is perfect for smaller kitchens. They are also great for families with children, as it makes it more difficult for them to open the cabinets, and they also won’t get hurt by bumping into any door handles.




J Handle or J-pull


L shape contemporary kitchen with handleless flat panel design with Allan Caswell and Rosemary Van

On a J handle the pull is integrated into the cabinet. A J-shape has been carved into the cabinet leaving room to put your fingers in and pull. If you want something a bit different, you can choose to paint the handles in a different colour for a unique look.






Granada Green Kitchen - Pink and green kitchen Sustainable Kitchens

Similar to a J-handle, you can also choose a cabinet that has a handle just in the centre as seen here, or on the side. Using a router machine these pulls are carved into the cabinet and drawer fronts.

Are you thinking about designing a kitchen with a continuous clean uninterrupted look? Then the flat panel cabinets are the right option for you.

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