Grey Shaker Kitchen from Sustainable Kitchens on Vimeo.

Beautiful shaker style kitchen with ample storage.

This client approached us asking for a shaker style kitchen with lots of storage, practical working space with a traditional look. The room was planned to accommodate a kitchen, dining room and has a great view to the garden.

The main run starts with an integrated fridge followed by two sets of drawers centralising a range cooker making this the central element of the kitchen. Aligned with the range is the canopy where the integrated extractor sits with two glazed wall cabinets at either side helping to balance the space. At the end of the run, a double larder provides excellent storage and brings harmony to the design by creating a symmetrical layout. The short cornice detail gives the traditional feeling that the client was looking for.

The island is 1140mm x 2740mm, specially designed to accommodate all of the family on the breakfast bar with space for extra storage. The island on one of the sides has a breakfast bar centralised with two single cabinets on either end. The other side We have designed a pull-out spice drawer, bin, sink and dishwasher cabinet, creating a working triangle between the sink, range and dishwasher. The island has a great worktop space for prep tasks and also a social area for the family.

The client wanted a uniform colour across the entire design which We achieved by changing all the hinges and the lovely cup handles from brass to nickel plated finalising the design as exactly the client had pictured.

Designer: Rui Alves

Rui Alves in in Sustainable Kitchens showroom



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