Honest Kitchens Design Process


You have been thinking about this for a long time and now you have decided. You are doing this: You are changing your kitchen! 

Maybe it’s time for a simple redesign within the same room or maybe you are able to expand and extend your home adding that extra space to completely transform your home.  

You have been looking at all the possible inspiration platforms from Instagram to Pinterest, from the latest interior magazine to the online article that really got you thinking. You may have already selected your colour palette, the worktop material, the tiled splashback, and have selected the handles too. You know exactly what you like and have a vision for the space.

Or maybe you are still looking for inspiration, you want something unique that is designed and works around YOU, not a generic layout that could work for anybody.

Nevertheless, you are ready. You are ready to start your journey and here we detail what exactly you need to prepare, think about, and how the process looks. 

So, let’s get started! 


Step 1 of Kitchen Journey – Dimensions: 

Room dimensions are essential to start working on your design. We need to know the rough room size but also need to know where the windows and doors are on each wall. Additionally, any quirky element in the space (e.g. chimney breast, low or high window sills, radiators that are staying in the space, boilers… You name it). The more details you can give us the more accurate the initial design will be and less likely that the design will change after the final measurement stage.

Not too sure how to measure the space? We have a guideline that we can share with you, just ask the team and we will be happy to help. 


Step 2 – Your Kitchen Wish List

We often talk about your wishlist and things that you would like to include in the new kitchen. Sometimes it is very challenging to firm your key points down. 

If you don’t know where to start, something that will really help you create your wishlist is to think about all the reasons that make you frustrated when you are in the kitchen or cooking a meal. 

It could be very simple details such as you need more storage. It could also be something more profound that is unique to your way of living and your property. Perhaps you enjoy having a full view of your garden whilst cooking a meal or maybe you want to be able to bake with your children and want to teach them all your family recipes. 

Often it is also really helpful to know exactly what you definitely DO NOT want or don’t like.  

The list can be as long as you want so just keep adding to it.


Step 3 – Let’s chat: 

We are always here to help you make the right decisions, no matter how small the project. If you are following us, you may have noticed that we offer a few different services, ranges, and styles and sometimes it is hard to choose which one will fit your project best. 

We do recommend getting in touch with an email or phone call for an initial conversation about your project so we can direct you to the right service and book your design consultation with a matched designer.  


Step 4 – The design Consultation: 

The design consultation is your opportunity to let us know the scope of your project. We normally meet remotely but are also delighted to meet you in person at our newly renovated Bristol Studio & Workshop.

During the 30-minute consultation, we will ask you a few questions about your project, this is why we need your plans prior. We want to understand your vision for the space, your wishlist, and your budget. 

We will discuss your space, the full scope of the project, and the ins and outs of your wishlist. We will bounce a few ideas around that may add interest to the space, add better flow and continuity or that may challenge your original design. We will not try to push you into making a decision.

This is a great time in the process to really brainstorm together and bounce ideas off each other- It’s creative and fun! 

Remember, ultimately it is your kitchen and we are here to help you and work with you. We do not want to make decisions for you.


Step 5 – Design & Estimate

Following the consultation, we will start putting together an initial design and an estimate for you. This may take a few days but once we are ready, we will send you a design document showing elevations of the new kitchen and a detailed estimate breakdown showing the totals of all the different sections. 

We hope to collate all of our ideas and create what will be your perfect kitchen design, the drawings allow you to visually understand the space and see how the cabinets all work together. 



Step 6 – Commissioning deposit 

Once you have received the document, we would make ourselves available for a presentation meeting. This will be a quick swift chat over the phone or Zoom to gather your thoughts and feedback on our work. 

We allow for one set of revisions to the design for our range of Honest Kitchens, so, if there is anything you’d like to change this will be the perfect time to discuss them with us. 

Once the revisions, if any, are completed we will ask you to place your commissioning deposit which will allow us to start planning ahead for the production of your kitchen. We will allocate a production and delivery slot for your project and will start working on your Project Specifications. 


Step 7 – Nitty Gritty & the Nod 

We understand that making the final decisions on your new kitchen can be stressful, which is why at this stage we can organise samples of the finishes for you or send you pictures of the samples we have in our Studio in an inspiring moodboard format.

Once all is agreed upon, we will then create a Final Design Document that will gather all the details of your kitchen with the confirmed layout, style, finish and colours. We will ask you to give the nod to this document, and from this point we are not able to make any further design changes. This document will include a plan showing the room dimensions that we have used for the initial design, this will be useful for your builder or contractor to base their final measurements on to allow us to continue in the process.

Don’t worry though, if you are still unsure about some of the details, we can revise the design once more for an additional design fee.


Step 7 – Site Check and Production Pack Sign off

Let’s be honest, this is the hardest part of the process! You will now need to sit tight until your fitter or builder can confirm your room dimensions. 

At this stage we will need the final dimensions of the room with any build-ups to be specified (like plastered walls or floors).

All our cabinets and panels are made especially on order so it is always best to measure twice and cut once.

With the updated dimensions, our engineering team will start working on your production pack which will be sent to you for final approval and sign-off! This has all of the details you will need to fully understand the scope of works.  


Step 8 – Production, Delivery & Fitting

You are only a few steps away from seeing your dream come true. 

The lead time of our Honest Kitchen is normally around 8 weeks from the production pack sign-off. During these weeks, our joiners will be working in our Bristol workshop crafting every single component of your kitchen from scratch and our project manager will be leasing with you on the delivery date. 

Each drawer box, cabinet and door are created and assembled for you and, after 8 weeks your kitchen will be on its way to you! 

Remember, delivery is only to the curb. You will need to make sure your fitter and builder are on site when the furniture is delivered to you (we recommend 2 people to unload the truck). 

One more thing: all cabinets will be delivered pre-assembled. This means that even the larger items will be ready for your fitter to install.  The doors will be wrapped individually to avoid damage.

We have an installation guide that we can share with you, however by using the provided production site pack your builder or fitter will be able to fit the kitchen according to the design. 

We also have a helpline for your fitter if they get stuck.

And voila! 


The Nune Kitchen - Minimalist Kitchen


Please get in touch with our team on hello@sustainablekitchens.co.uk to start your Honest Kitchens design journey – We are as excited as you are! 


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