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We see a vast range of colours throughout our day to day lives, all of which can bring a unique emotive response depending on the individual. But have you ever considered the meaning, or psychology behind a colour? Recently we finished a project that rekindled our appreciation for blue kitchens, and prompted us to investigate the emotional influence connected with the colour blue.

Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue can also be seen as a sign of stability and reliability”. Often closely associated with the sky and the sea, both of which are representations of open spaces, freedom and inspiration. We know from experience however, that it’s never quite that simple when deciding the colour of your kitchen, with countless shades to choose from.

From sky blue, cornflower and cobalt to navy or almost black. Before making a decision on your shade of blue, it’s best practice to first assess the levels of light in your kitchen. Are you looking to create a vibrant atmosphere? Or a room that is peaceful and calming? The lighting and shade of blue used will combine to determine the mood of your space. Fortunately too, kitchen cabinets in blue look great with all materials – from marble and granite to wood and stone.

Cobalt Blue Kitchens

A bright blue, inspired by the beautiful window views, our client opted for a vibrant palette with blue cabinets for the Stroud Shaker Kitchen. Hand-painted Shaker cabinets in Farrow & Ball’s St Giles Blue and the focal point of this home.

Blue shaker kitchen

Slimline worktops and oak features provide the perfect contrast to the brightness of the cabinets. Bright blue kitchens can be a mood enhancer, an exciting way to start the day pouring your morning cup of coffee in an uplifting and energetic space.

Contemporary Blue Kitchens

A moody blue – This contemporary blue sits within a rural idyllic countryside cottage. The deep handleless blue cabinets bring a depth and statement to the calm space, a great combination of contemporary aesthetics within a traditional build. The dark blue kitchen is one that is timeless and will never tire, seen in our Springfield Kitchen using shade Railings by Farrow & Ball.

L shape contemporary kitchen with james burleigh table, normann chairs in farrow and ball railings

Keeping the dark blue cabinets to a low run with bare walls creates a statement that is seamless and uncluttered with enough storage so that everything has a space. The dark blue kitchen uses a handleless design, fitting to the minimalist feel.

When a kitchen lasts a lifetime, it is important to make it timeless and one you will love for many years to come.

Richlite Blue Kitchens

A leathery blue – Made using Richlite a solid paper composite made from 100% recycled materials. Most of our kitchens are painted or have a wood finish so working with sustainable materials for kitchen applications is always an exciting venture for our team.

The Richlite Kitchen - Blue Canyon and Maple Valley Richlite with Oak Core, Corian worktop, Bora 2.0 grill and Quooker Tap

Treated like hardwood, Richlite can be sanded, screwed routed and jouned. But unlike our painted blue kitchens, this one has a honed and leathery finish that will slowly patina over time. 

Contrasting to the blue shade of ‘Blue Canyon’ lies a butter orangey piece of Richlite in ‘Maple Canyon’. The blue of the kitchen is contiued throughout the open plan space with pops of blue hues seen throughout, spotted below with the blue steel beams.

Blue Kitchens with Geometric Tiles

An impactful Blue with plenty of style and a visual punch. Contrasting against the blue shaker cabinets, fitting the brief of designing a standout space, we designed the kitchen with geometric tiles and a veined marble top. The mid-tone blue kitchen in shade Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball has been one of our clients favourites for many years and still looks as good to this day.

Dark blue geometric kitchen with tall cabinets, integrated ovens and marble worktop

 As shades come and go, blue kitchens offer a safe and tireless interior aesthetic. 

The Bert & May Majadas, encaustic tiles that provide a geometric contemporary look paired with the traditional shaker kitchen with belfast sink.

Blue Kitchen Colour Inspiration

Whilst it is hard to pick a favourite, we have compiled our favourite blues to inspire your kitchen renovation; 

Oval Room Blue – Farrow and Ball

A cosy and calming blue, works beautifully with pale woods and white worktops for a serene and peaceful aesthetic.


Stone Blue – Farrow and Ball

With brighter undertones, stone blue is a little livelier packing a little more punch. 


Hicks Blue – Little Greene

Described as a deep and inky blue, made impactful across a wide span of walls and cabinetry, or utilised as a pop of colour with a blue island paired with more neutral and lighter cabinets.

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