Bespoke Plate Rack

Bespoke Plate Rack Details


More often than not, as each design we work on is so unique we get to delve into a research and development project for certain aspects of a design that we haven’t yet done before. In this example, we showcase our handmade plate rack. 

It can be the smallest of details that need special attention and can take the designers, to the engineers and the makers to understand how best to approach the detail and what will ensure that the product will last a lifetime balancing both form and function.

Like this bespoke plate rack for example, our client was looking to utilise cupboard space above the sink to hold plates straight from the dishwasher or sink for air drying.
Whilst we have designed many bespoke plate racks, this one was a little different in that the bottom of the cupboard would be left exposed with plates suspended above the sink.

As the overall design aesthetic is contemporary, we opted to include doors to the cabinet as open plate racks can often create a classic traditional feel. Whereas hiding the detail behind the contemporary flat panel doors allowed us to keep the vision clean and minimalist whilst achieving the bespoke design details.

Take a look at our behind-the-scenes video in the workshop showcasing the bespoke plate rack being crafted and ready for installation…


Bespoke Plate Rack Details
Bespoke Plate Rack Details

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