A striking kitchen combining Fenix, Oak and Richlite for a unique and concept kitchen in Bristol. 

A carbon neutral material that’s soft to touch, this Fenix shade Castoro Ottawa sits next to solid oak for the perfect contrast of mixed materials. 

Hiding the oven tower behind slide and hide doors keeps the seamlessly clean look. The statement freestanding island pairs oak with Richlite complete with a Fenix dovetail drawer as a multipurpose food prep and dining space.  

A kitchen that just oozes elegance! 

Worktop – Oak 

Door Materials – Fenix, Castoro Ottawa

Island worktop – Richlite, Chocolate Glacier

Oven & Microwave – Neff

Fridge – Liebherr

Dishwasher – Miele 

Hob – Bora Classic 2.0

Tap – Quooker flex

Charlie O’Beirne of

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