Industrial, reclaimed wood kitchen with concrete and brick from Sustainable kitchens


Designed from the ground up, with no restrictions to the creative journey beyond the limits of your imagination.

Project management

Alongside your personal designer you will also have a project manager to oversee all aspects of the kitchen project from first concept designs through to project sign-off.

Your project manager will always be available for you, will collaborate with your building contractor, architect and interior designer, and will know all the moving parts of your project to ensure a smooth delivery.


If you choose a concept kitchen then you are looking for something truly original and unique, to achieve this requires a certain amount of R&D.

Your personal designer and your Project Manager will have full access to our SK lab, to trial out any concept ideas or materials for your kitchen.

We will fully scope the concept, create the necessary samples, test new materials and develop the palette for your concept kitchen.


We are in a golden age of materials discovery with the science focussed squarely on our sustainable future.

We have developed a network of specialist producers, masters in their craft, who burnish, patina, fabricate, spin, laminate, weld and stitch to bring our concepts to life in the SK lab.

Our product designers, production engineers and furniture makers are expertly practiced in using any material, and we love a challenge!


Bruce & Heather

Reclaimed wood industrial

“We’re incredibly pleased, The design and fitting phases were both very easy and the kitchen has delivered exactly what we hopes aesthetically and practically.

Our favourite parts are the utility room as it makes such good use of a small space and the large island that helps create a social space for family living.”



steel, marble Reclaimed Wood

“It took much longer than expected to find a company that gave us high enough level of confidence in their design sensibilities and competence to proceed. 

We figured we had the right people as soon as we met with Sam, who was enthusiastic, interested in ideas and had a great eye for design aesthetic. Rather than seeing the problem of creating a kitchen in what we considered a unique room, he saw an opportunity for something special.”

Steel, Marble, Reclaimed Wood Kitchen with a Calacatta Venato marble breakfast bar on the island
Richlite Kitchens Sustainable Kitchens

We are currently manufacturing a Concept Kitchen using Richlite, a solid paper composite. 

A durable, premium surface material used in a variety of industries. It has similar properties to hardwood in that it can be milled, sanded, routed and joined.

We can’t wait to see the results. 

Eco Extension Shaker Kitchen cookery books and vegetables on a reclaimed wooden worktop

Reclaimed Wood

Giving old materials a new lease of life. 

We source old school benches and worktops that we can work into our Sustainable Kitchens, usually from our friends at Retrouvius.

Once the chewing gum and graffiti has been removed, we give the material TLC and the results are stunning.  

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