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Benefits of a Quooker tap 

Sustainability in all aspects of the kitchen is often overlooked. We partnered with Quooker, “the tap that does it all” who are equally as passionate about sustainability. 

The Quooker is a hot/cold water tap designed to save energy and water, plus, with a CUBE (sparkling water addition) you even save plastic bottles. 

We have recently installed a Quooker, plus CUBE in our showroom and we couldn’t be more pleased, in fact, we can’t remember what life was like before! With less kettle boiling, the Quooker uses very little every to keep the tank at 100 degrees ready for when we need a pre-meeting cuppa or to welcome our clients to the showroom… The main reason we have one!

Here are a few reasons why we love our Quooker and why you should too.

The Richlite Kitchen - Designer White Corian worktops with Quooker Tap


Quookers are sustainable.

Sustainability is important to them, making them our first choice hot water tap at Sustainable Kitchens. 

Production is driven using as little energy as possible whilst preventing waste and using efficient and sustainable packaging. They also migrated their vehicle fleet to 100% electric Tesla cars to reduce their footprint. 

53% of the electricity used is self-generated, the packaging is 88%renewable materials and 81% of waste is diverted from disposal. 

The CUBE cylinders can be returned and refilled to save money and waste. You also wont need to upgrade every year or so like a kettle.


Quookers look good!

Boiling water taps don’t have to be bulky and unsightly. The Quooker has 3 different styles to suit the aesthetics of your kitchen with different finishes in each. 

The Flex, Fusion and Nordic are three different collections with options for polished chrome, stainless steel, nickel and patinated brass and black to suit all kitchen designs from our classic Shaker to our more contemporary sleeker designs suiting all customers.

We love that they cater to both the modern home and the classic home, their fusion round in patinated brass is very much the boiling water tap in disguise. 

They keep kitchen surfaces tidy with no need for a kettle. Just sleek clean surfaces, the minimalist dream.



Quookers don’t need much room.

There is a common misconception that to have a boiling water tap, you need a huge kitchen with ample space for the tank. 

To install a Quooker, all that is required is space for the tank, 400mm of height space and 150mm in diameter (depending on the model) with a 13amp power socket, access to waste pipe and cold water supply with an incoming water pressure of 2 bar. 

Usually, the cupboard below the sink can be still used for other items such as pull out bins alongside the tank, or, space for cleaning equipment – It doesn’t take up the whole cabinet. 


Quooker taps are safe. 

It’s also important to know that the Quooker taps include a childproof handle with a push and turn mechanisms to choose boiling water so that no little hands can turn them accidentally. 

The tank is also well insulation so you know its never too hot to touch. 

Contemporary White Kitchen with white corian worktop and quooker tap - Sustainable Kitchens


We design the Quooker tap into our kitchens here at Sustainable Kitchen so you can see how they will look in your design. We take care of the whole process from designing in the space needed to installation, so you won’t need to worry. 



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