Our visit to Bristol Marble

Recently we took a team field trip to Bristol Marble. We were shown around the outdoor stone yard and the workshop by the lovely Phil who patiently answered all of our questions. Phil gave us a tour of the yard where they keep all of their natural stone slabs. Bristol Marble is unique in that they store all of their stones on the premise. They encourage clients to go and see them in person. Having seen them in person myself I can definitely see why. The slabs are so beautiful that no small sample would do them justice. Customers can expect to map out the entire slab and pick sections for worktops. One edge of the slab can look completely different to another so the ability to pick the section is a perk many customers enjoy.
Pebble stone
A slab that is from almost 3 billion years ago
Next, Phil took us inside to show us the engineered buy lamisil tablets online canada quartz section. These are becoming more and more popular, especially with our clients. With concrete alternatives already topping the list of requested materials engineered quartz will only get closer to the real thing.
Inside Bristol Marble warehouse
The inside of the workshop was something else! Seeing the marble being cut was really interesting. It looks easy but this is deceiving knowing how hard marble is. It was also interesting to see how the cut out portion for the sink is made. We got to feel how smooth the inside of the groove was.

Overall it was a great experience being able to see the materials that go into so many of our worktops in real life. Natural stones, marble and engineered quartz all have different things to offer but with the expertise at Bristol Marble we know our customers are in good hands.


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