How much space does your range cooker need?
Open plan white Shaker kitchen with Smeg range cooker and quartz worktop


The space requirements around range cookers are one of the most popular conversation topics when going through the design process with our clients.

How much space is needed around my range cooker? Can I put wooden cabinetry right next to it? How high does the extractor need to be? What sits beneath the range?

The requirements can vary drastically depending on the range cooker in mind.


In terms of position; good lighting, no draft, an adequate air supply are recommended – Factors our designers will always take into account when designing your bespoke kitchen.

There is usually around a 2.5mm gap each side of the range for the cabinetry. Depending on the model and the cabinet makers, some may require a larger gap (up to 10mm) to protect the cabinetry from heat damage. This will require dimensions from range manufacturers to design your cabinetry a safe and regulated distance away. The company you choose should project manage all the technical aspects so you don’t have to worry.

There will be compliances that your kitchen will have to meet to adhere to safety standards.

The loft kitchen Ilve Roma range under Elica bio island extractor fan with extended shelf and plants

Aga’s, Rayburns and Everhots – Designed to emit heat outwards and produce heat for the home as well as used for cooking, have all developed and now are insulated enough either side that cabinetry can sit within a few millimetres.


For cooker hoods and extractors, an induction hob can have an extractor closer to proximity than a gas hob – The gap generally sits around 650mm – 750mm

Each brand will have different guidelines, depending on the elements chosen. All manufacturers will supply your kitchen designer and installer with technical guidelines complete with minimum and maximum distances.

You will be shown this in the design of your kitchen so you will know the depths and what this will look like.

MANOR FARM KITCHEN - with reclaimed aga and shaker style kitchen cabinetry

The floor will need to be that of adequate strength to hold the ranges.

Cooker ranges will be supplied with adjustable feet to meet the height of your worktops and usually come with a set-back plinth to hide the feet mechanisms, depending on the design and style you are looking for.


There are some exceptions to the norm, solid fuel cookers (such as the Lincar Ilaria) are designed to be the power-house heater of the home – Emitting heat all around the appliance and always on.

The regulations here require that no cabinetry sits closer than 200mm either side – They are usually a standout feature and look great as a standalone.


When you have chosen the appliances you’d like in your kitchen, let your designer here at Sustainable Kitchens know the model and make number as soon as possible as this will have a huge impact on the design of your kitchen – We will ensure this sits where works for your lifestyle, what meets regulations and what looks stunning to be used day in and day out.


*Please note that the information provided is advice only. We cannot help individuals with their queries unless they are undertaking a full kitchen project with us. We are not responsible for any damage incurred by following the advice*

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