Eco extension shaker kitchen with stainless steel worktop and bespoke cabinetry


What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Bespoke kitchens are a unique kitchen that is designed specifically to suit your home and family. It is one that does not come in standard sizes, but rather a kitchen that is tailored to the room that gets the most from the space and is functionally accommodating to your cooking style. As well as being hand-crafted, of a high-quality material that is properly joined together and that is designed to last a lifetime. Designing bespoke means we can be creative and develop strategies and solutions that will serve a purpose to your home and needs. We use a tailor-made approach to materials dependant on the style and look you are going for, with bespoke anything is possible!Rockhouse Barn conversion Shaker Kitchen with bespoke under stair shelving cabinet

What is the cost of a bespoke kitchen?

We say our bespoke kitchens start from £35,000, but depending on room size, worktops, appliances and other dependant factors, this can vary significantly. Most of the projects you see on our portfolio page would average at around £55,000. Although more expensive than off-the-shelf kitchens, bespoke kitchens will be made with the highest quality materials and will be hand-crafted with the strongest joints that will last meaning you won’t have to replace and reinvest. Our bespoke kitchens are also hand-painted, so you are able to refresh the colour or choose a completely new colour if you are ever looking to restyle and reinvent your room. If you are looking to make your bespoke kitchen more affordable; if you have existing appliances that do not need updating, this will make your bespoke kitchen significantly cheaper. If you are looking at wood worktops, this may also reduce the price as opposed to marble, engineered quartz or other solid composites. 

Where do I start with a Bespoke Kitchen?

Although bespoke kitchens are made unique to you, it is still a good idea to do your research and find out what you do and do not like. Gather as much information as possible around the look and style that you like and wish to see come to life in your home. Take a look at magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz and start collecting colours and styles that you like. As you think about renovations, take note of what you like, what you think you are missing? What would make ‘kitchen’ life easier? What are the family are using the kitchen for? How many people are using the kitchen at once? How organised are you? Could you be more organised?Depending on your budget, needs, preferences, organisation, characteristics, home-style and tastes, a bespoke kitchen company will explore these qualities and start designing the ideal space that is functionally and aesthetically made for you. 

What’s an example of Bespoke Kitchen elements?

Customisation of kitchens looks at changing the colours, handles, finished and style. Bespoke looks at design elements that are unique to you, whether it is to fit into an unusual space, to use unusual materials, to develop storage to stores your tupperware; bespoke has no limits. We have provided a few examples below of bespoke elements that we have worked on at Sustainable Kitchens. 
  • Designed cabinetry to fit within chimney arches in an old bath townhouse. Rather than leaving the space unused because of the peculiar size and depth, we used this within our design to develop cabinetry and storage solutions allowing our client to display their prized glass and china wear.
  • Using an old door that was important to the client as came with the existing barn before conversion. Our client was keen to repurpose a door that was part of the initial build, we incorporated a walk-in larder into the kitchen design as our client loved to bake and needed somewhere suitable to store appliances and food that was hidden out of the way so the rest of the kitchen could be kept minimal. We sanded down the door and incorporated this into the design and is now used as the entrance to the walk-in pantry.
  • One of our clients was building a new home with exposed concrete and brick. We designed a kitchen using reclaimed wood that would bring warmth and homeliness to the build, whilst still fitting in with the architectural look and feel of the property. Although a harder material to work with and harder material to get right, the reclaimed wood looks incredible and we extended this material to make a boot room, study and lounge cabinetry. 
  • Our client, Renovate Green was renovation as eco-friendly as possible with all materials and processes looked at for sustainability. We incorporated a ‘mini recycling’ ecosystem into a cupboard to allow space for composting and recycling bespoke to how she liked to separate this out and how much of each material she usually collected. 
  • Our client who loved to cook and entertain wanted an island for extra food prep space but was worried about the space that the island took up. We designer the family an island with food and vegetable storage (complete with ventilated slats) and put the island on wheels so that she could use the additional space for entertaining as and when she needed.

What else can you get made Bespoke?

At Sustainable Kitchens, we make bespoke cabinetry to suit any other room or area.If you have an open plan style lounge, diner and kitchen, we can continue the design, look and feel of the kitchen into the other areas.We can also add bespoke cabinetry to any room in the house. We make boot room, wardrobes, study desks, bookshelf, alcove storage and full office suite making tailored to you and your needs. Bespoke storage solutionsLooking for a bespoke kitchen? Talk to our team of creatives and designers to start your journey;

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