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Kitchen appliances can be a minefield at the best of time – Which looks good, which fits, what’s the most eco-efficient?

And now – The energy ratings have been revamped and improved and we have new things to learn!



Here’s a brief summary of what we know so far… 

Since the introduction of the energy label, there have been substantial improvements in energy-saving technology.

In the past, all new products have been given the highest ratings possible and have all graduated with an A* stamp – But due to great improvements in this area, the label has now been remodelled to better show real efficiencies and differences in ratings. 

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The new rating system will affect washing machines, washer dryers, refrigerators, wine coolers and dishwashers.

New labels will have the union jack flag rather than the EU flag, they will look very similar but will offer more accurate information.

Improvements include:

New Energy Classes – Simplified and more accurate classification system of A-G – from March 2021 onwards.

The previous ratings of A+, A++ and A+++ have been discontinued.

The current legislation is over 20 years old, with the majority of major brands managing to get into the top energy rating of A+++ it has been extremely difficult to compare products and determine which ones are the best and most energy-efficient.

For example, 80% of washing machines have been rated A++ or A+++ which does not provide enough clarity for the customer (taken from Simply electrics)

Previously the market was absolutely flooded with A-rated appliances, this was especially the case with fridge/freezers. Now with a more realistic system, many of the fridge/freezers previously rated A+++ have found themselves rated D or E. It’s not all bad news though, the idea behind this new rating has resulted in customers getting a much more accurate depiction of what they’re getting for their money and most importantly, there is now a huge area for improvement for manufacturers to redesign and be more innovative. 

With the new standards being extremely high, very few manufacturers are currently producing models that fall into the top 3 categories. So although it may not sound ideal, a fridge/freezer in category D is actually a good standard for energy efficiency at the moment. 


QR Code – allowing consumers to have instant access to product information. Scanning the QR quote will take you straight to the manufacturer’s website which will be very helpful for any information or assistance.



Simpler Consumption Usage – Now there will be an easier way to understand energy consumption usage. There will be more consistent units for measuring energy, water consumption or noise emissions.

Additional information specific to the product group – such as water use and noise level


Washing machines – the energy ratings will now be based on 100 cycles rather than annual use

Washer dryers – the new energy label will be split into 2 parts, one for the complete wash and dry and one for the wash cycle only

Dishwashers – tests to understand energy efficiency have been improved to better understand how people use thor dishwashers and energy efficiency now based on 100 cleaning cycles.

Sounds better, huh! 

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